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Chapter 562: Inter-academy Tournament (52)

She could duplicate all of Qi Xias magic skills after the spell.

However, she would have to devote twice her magical power to do that!

Shen Yanxiaos Engraving Curse not only stunned Yun Qi; the baffled audiences were amazed by it as well.

They did not know what she had done.

All that they could see was the staff that glistened in Qi Xias hand.

A blazing light of fire descended from the sky over Shen Yanxiaos head, and at the same time, a similarly bright glow of the flame emerged above Qi Xias.

Two balls of Hellfire whooshed down at the same time.

Qi Xia was astonished that Shen Yanxiao could apply Hellfire as well.

Soon, Qi Xia countered that attack.

A Ring of Frost appeared around him to shield him from the heat of the Hellfire.

However, the same Ring of Frost emerged to protect Shen Yanxiao as well.

Those were the same Hellfire and Ring of Frost, the same solution to the same move.

The two of them stood there as they faced each other.

It was as if there was a huge mirror between them so that all the moves were duplicated.

“How is that even possible” The spectators felt a rush of thrill.

They stood up in shock as they continued to stare at the two people in the field!

Shen Yanxiao was a warlock, and yet, she had utilized all the advanced magical skills that only a magus could employ!

That was beyond his wildest imagination.

The huge balls of fire smashed onto the stage, and the strong impact nearly destroyed the stage.

Intense excitement burned in Qi Xias eyes.

The fighting spirit had long slumbered in him, and that miraculous fight wholly rekindled it!

“Interesting! This is very interesting! Xiaoxiao, you always bring me such pleasant surprises!” Qi Xia wore an insane smile on his face.

He waved his staff—Rule of Fire, Fortress of Ice, Twilight Fire, Ice Armor…

A series of impressive magical attacks were unleashed one after another, and Shen Yanxiao returned with all the same attacks!

For a moment, light and darkness alternated, and fire and ice coexisted.

The blinding magic flew to all directions, and a deafening sound lingered in everyones ears!

Offense! Defense!

Qi Xia felt as if it was a fight against himself.

When he launched an attack, he had to come up with a defense solution to protect himself against his advances.

He had never experienced a fight nearly as intense and exhilarating!

The thunder roared in the sky as smoke billowed from the stage that glowed with fire.

Dist had stirred from the fractured stage and blocked the sight of the two people on it.

The audiences looked on anxiously, as they tried to get a glimpse of the ultimate fight that made their blood surge!

Shen Yanxiao copied each of Qi Xias movements.

Her magical powers dropped intensively, and it nearly exhausted her.

However, it did not look like Qi Xia was ready to stop anytime soon.

It was as if his magical powers would never run out!

“You deranged bastard!” Shen Yanxiao whispered an insult against Qi Xia.

The moment she knew that she had to fight Qi Xia, she had made plans for the challenge.

It did not matter how fast she was as Qi Xia could launch an instant magical attack.

Therefore, it would mean her destruction if she were to fight him with curses.

It was hard for a warlock to slay their enemy with one move.

Qi Xia would not give her a second chance to get close to him.

Instead of curses, she thought she could use the Engraving curse and strike him with attacks that only he could launch!

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