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Chapter 563: Inter-academy Tournament (53)

The fierce battle ignited everyones blood.

They cheered wildly for Qi Xia and for Shen Yanxiao as well.

At that very moment, no one held any prejudice against the warlocks.

They only admired the powerful!

How incredible it was to find a warlock that could use magical attacks!

Shen Yanxiao had not employed anything sinister in her previous battles.

It seemed like they had forgotten about the warlocks ugly past.

The only thing they remembered was how astonishing the young warlock was!

A myriad of magical attacks landed on the stage, followed by continuous sounds of explosions.

A trace of a smile appeared in the depth of Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

She would continue with the match even if she risked depleting her magic!

Qi Xia had descended into a crazed state.

The fame of his formidable powers had stopped him from meeting a worthy opponent for a long time.

Shen Yanxiao had churned the blood in him that had slumbered for a long time.

Glows of passion flickered in his eyes.

He continued to wave his staff.

Without the need for chanting, Qi Xia was like a machine gun that could unleash continuous attacks.

On the spectators stand, both Yang Xi and Yan Yu were stunned when they noticed that Qi Xia had gone insane.

They had known Qi Xia for years, and they could not even remember the last time they had seen the same battle will in him.

Qi Xias strength meant most people would not be able to fight him, and the usual duels were like games for him.

He was like a lion with sharp claws.

He would lie under the sun lazily and toy with all his overconfident enemies with his thick paws.

Qi Xias opponents were like tame bunnies with no abilities to fight against him.

They had no other choice but to let the lion play with them.

However, Qi Xia was thrilled that day! He had finally met a strange genius that could fight with him for hundreds of rounds!

While in shock, Yang Xi and Yan Yu were worried as well.

They could still vividly remember how dreadful Qi Xia had been when he was worked up.

If Tang Nazhi was a maniac for battles, then Qi Xia must be a god of war!

Once his yearning for a fight was fired up, he would continue the battle until one of them fell!

Qi Xia was like a beast that had barbarity inspired by blood.

The fight was the only thing his conscious mind knew!

“This is not good.

If they go on like this, Qi Xia will lose control!” Yang Xi stood up.

He noticed that Qi Xia had already used skills that belonged to Great Magus.

At that rate, he would unleash the Archmagus magic.

If that were to happen, Qi Xia would blast the entire stage into ruins, let alone Shen Yanxiao!

“Ah Yu, come with me!” Yang Xi could not imagine the dreadful things Qi Xia could do in that crazed state.

He hurried to the center of the field with Yan Yu.

It was no longer a matter of victory in the match; Qi Xia had lost control.

At that rate, he would drag the entire venue to doom with him!

One Archmagus was enough to instill fear, but Shen Yanxiao had copied his moves.

Attacks from two archmagi would bring great calamity!

Ouyang Huanyu stood amongst the crowd as he kept his eyes fixed onto the field.

Through the layers of dust, he could see the light from Qi Xias staff.

“Field of Light—the skill of an Archmagus! He is an Archmagus!”

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