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Chapter 564: Inter-academy Tournament (54)

By the time Yang Xi and Yan Yu reached the center of the venue, Qi Xia had unleashed the Field of Light, and Shen Yanxiao released the same thing at the same time.

A ray of glaring light immediately enveloped the entire place.

Everyones vision was compromised in the blazing light, but they could tell that a strong shockwave had spread from the arena.

Such horrifying magical power almost suffocated them.

Yang Xi and Yan Yu felt nervous.

Yan Yu covered both of them with Light Shield to withstand the strong magical powers.

Ouyang Huanyu squinted.

He waved his staff to cordon the fighting stage with magic to stop the two waves of formidable magical powers from reaching the spectators stand.

If he had not done that, the strong impact would have destroyed the entire venue!

The offending light gradually faded away.

They could see the stage again.

However, the stage area had become an enormous cave; the stainless steel stage had been turned to dust!

Qi Xia still wore a smile of excitement.

He stood on the messy ground and looked at Shen Yanxiao, who tried to catch her breath in the distance.

He stuck out his tongue to lick his dried lips.

“Xiaoxiao, you will never cease to amaze me.”

Shen Yanxiao did not look well.

For every skill that Qi Xia used, she had to devote twice as much magic.

That Field of Light was advanced magic that only an Archmagus could use! The consumption of magical powers was beyond her ability.

After that strike, Shen Yanxiao felt as if she had exhausted her magical powers.

She would not even be able to copy a Fireball Magic, let alone any other magic that Qi Xia could use.

“That is an interesting curse.

But I believe you have reached your limit.” The grin widened on Qi Xias face.

At that moment, he was no longer the usually tamed prince, but a demon from hell that could mess with peoples souls.

His squinted eyes looked as if he could swallow peoples souls.

“I wonder if you can copy my next move, Xiaoxiao.

Otherwise, I am afraid that the territory in the Forsake Land will be mine.” Qi Xia smiled; he looked like a beast that teased a kitten.

He raised his staff once again.

“Wait!” Shen Yanxiao suddenly said.

She no longer copied him.

It took Qi Xia by surprise.

He stopped his move because of Shen Yanxiaos sudden interruption.

Shen Yanxiao breathed heavily as sweats trickled down her body.

She had to exert great strength to keep her eyes on Qi Xia as she pointed her fingers at his feet.

Confused, Qi Xia lowered his head to look at the ground under him.

In a daze, he seemed to have arrived at the same conclusion.

He looked at Shen Yanxiaos feet.

The girl had stood on a rock the size of a palm.

“…” Qi Xias face stiffened.

“You touched the ground.

You lose.

Now, piss off…” Shen Yanxiao struggled to breathe.

The entire fighting stage had been blasted into dust.

Naturally, Qi Xia had landed on the ground.

However, Shen Yanxiao had stood on a cracked rock that fell from the stage.

It seemed like Qi Xia was no longer on the stage, and he had…


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