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Chapter 568: Yun Qis Decision (2)

Yun Qi hesitated.

He paced worriedly up and down the room.

Shen Yanxiao could tell that he struggled with the information.


Shen Yanxiao did not think she would hear that.

She had painted a clear picture of Ouyang Huanyus viciousness.

Why would Yun Qi say no

Yun Qi heaved a sigh as he set his gaze on Shen Yanxiao.

“I have long known that Ouyang Huanyu did not want to help me.

I made that deal with him because I wanted to hold on to that hope in my heart.

However, if I left the Saint Laurent Academy for the Forsaken Land with you, Ouyang Huanyu would say that I breached the agreement.

He would come for both of us.

I am an old man, and I am not afraid of him.

But you are different.

You have just won the competition and are about to establish a city in the Forsaken Land.

If Ouyang Huanyu means you harm, you will have hard days ahead of you.”

“I am not afraid of him.” Shen Yanxiao was moved to learn that Yun Qi turned her offer down because he was worried about her.

She was even more determined not to leave Yun Qi in that wolfs den.

“You may not be afraid but I am.

You are in the spotlight on behalf of Warlocks everywhere.

Your next steps would determine if we could ever rise again.

Therefore, you must finish your work in the Forsaken Land.

Do not let anything go wrong.” Yun Qi advised Shen Yanxiao in earnest.

Shen Yanxiao was about to say something, but he interrupted her.

“I know that you are worried about me, but I am not a push-over.

I have been playing this game with Ouyang Huanyu for a long time, and I know my limits.

He will not take action against me if he thinks that I am still in the dark about his intentions.”

Everything that Yun Qi did was for the Warlocks profession and Shen Yanxiao as well.

Shen Yanxiao knew it was hard to argue with Yun Qi.

He was right; Ouyang Huanyu had not realized that they had known the truth about the Blood Banquet Potions prescription.

Yun Qi would still be safe at the Saint Laurent Academy.

She had not noticed any danger to Yun Qi from the conversation between Ouyang Huanyu and the black-robed man.

Shen Yanxiao decided to let go of that idea.

She was not afraid of Ouyang Huanyu, but she was worried about Yun Qi as his strength had yet to recover.

He would not be strong enough to protect himself.

If Ouyang Huanyu had an evil plan for Yun Qi, then her mentor would be in danger.

“Teacher, give me one year.

I will get things settled at Forsaken Land, and then I will make the Blood Banquet Potion for you.

By then, Ouyang Huanyu will have no excuse to mean you harm.” Shen Yanxiao had made up her mind.

She would build her forces in one year and then concoct the Blood Banquet Potion after that.

With that potion, Yun Qi would be able to recover his full strength.

Ouyang Huanyu would have to think twice before he did anything then.

Yun Qi smiled.


I will wait for you.”

Even though Shen Yanxiao had to accept that Yun Qi would not leave Saint Laurent Academy at that moment, she was still concerned.

She decided to send Ye Qing a letter before she set off so that Ye Qing could take care of Yun Qi.

She knew Ye Qing well; he would not turn her down.

Besides, Shen Yanxiao had planned to bring Ye Qing with her in a year as well.

Ye Qing would miss many chances of advancing to Grandmaster Herbalist if he continued to work for Ouyang Huanyu.

“Well, where is Nazhi” Shen Yanxiao felt better when she had made up her mind.

“I believe he went after that strange brother of his,” Qi Xiao replied with a smile.

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