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Chapter 573: Going Home (1)

The curtain of the Inter-academy Tournament had dropped.

Shen Yanxiao packed up her stuff.

She was ready to go to the capital.

She was given three months preparation time but she could not wait.

She was no longer making efforts only for herself, but for Yun Qi.

Before departure, She Yanxiao took some time to prepare.

She wrote two letters that she asked Yun Qi to pass along, one for Ye Qing, and one for Du Lang.

She alone could not finish building the city.

She needed manpower to help her with the buildings and materials.

She trusted the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group for their abilities.

Therefore, she decided to recruit them into her force.

She bid farewell to Yun Qi.

She bought an ultra-luxury carriage and set off from the capital with Vermilion Bird, little Phoenix, Lan Fengli, the four friends, and the extra family member, Li Xiaowei.

The Blizzard City was somewhat far away from the capital.

Besides, given the number of passengers in the carriage who would cook up something now and then, hence, it took them over half a month to see the gate of the capital.

Back at the capital, Qi Xia and the other went back to their own families.

Tang Nazhi dragged Li Xiawei who kept a straight face back to the Black Tortoise Family with him.

Meanwhile, Shen Yanxiao took the three silly guys with her back to the Vermilion Bird family.

Standing in front of the gate of the Vermilion Bird Family, Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath.

This was where she was reborn as a new person and this would be where she rose.

It had been over half a year since she left the Vermilion Bird Family for the Saint Laurent Academy.

The intelligent girl was growing up.

Not only had she become taller, but the immature mark had also faded away from her face.

The grace that belonged to a young lady was added to her.

Shen Yanxiao was born to be an exquisite beauty.

As she stood in front of the gate of the Vermilion Bird Family, pedestrians coming to and fro would throw extra glances at her.

“Sister, is this your family” Lan Fengli felt a bit uneasy as he looked at the locked gates.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“This is our family.”

Unknowingly, she had begun to look at this little tail of hers as her real brother.

Heaven had made up for her loss in the previous life by giving her the big brother Shen Siyu and younger brother that was about the same age as her.

Lan Fengli nodded, still only having a hazy notion.

The Vermilion Bird glared at him.

Toward this adorable but idiotic vile character that had taken his place, the Vermilion Bird harbored some intense hatred.

However, Shen Yanxiao forbade internal stifle.

So, Vermilion Bird had to endure it.

Shen Yanxiao stepped forward and knocked on the gate painted with red lacquer.

Not long afterward, the closed door was opened.

A servant of the Vermilion Bird stuck his head out to check.

Only this look stunned him.

The three people standing here were breathtakingly beautiful.

The presence of those three charmingly pretty guys could make peoples noses bleed.

They were just… incredibly adorable!

The servant gulped.

“Who… who are you here to see” stuttered the servant.

Shen Yanxiao could not help but burst into laughter.

She forgot that when she was in the Vermilion Bird Family, she was still an ugly girl.

She did not cover up the real looks that she revealed during the tournament.

No wonder this servant would not recognize her.

“How daft can you be Open it up and let me in.” The Vermilion Bird yelled unhappily, glaring at that servant.

That servant was taken aback.

He looked at Vermilion Bird and suddenly remembered that this little guy that was round as pearls and smooth as jade was the human form of none other than the Vermilion Bird!

Back then when Shen Yanxiao came back with the Vermilion Bird, Shen Feng led the entire Vermilion Bird Family to pay respect to the Vermilion Bird.

Naturally, the servant still remembered that.

As he knew that the Vermilion Bird had returned, the servant pulled the gate open at once.

While he greeted the Vermilion Bird with hospitality, he began to utter dreary cries and screams.

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