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Chapter 575: Going Home (3)

A little Phoenix that was drowse was picked up.

It stared confused at the kind old man with its dark, googly eyes while making a chu-chu sound in its mouth.

“This is” Shen Feng was stunned for a second.

“This is those two Phoenixes children.

For some reason, the little Phoenix is unwilling to be parted from the Vermilion Bird who has to take care of the little Phoenix for now.”

“…” Shen Feng was completely speechless.

Not only had Shen Yanxiao tricked two mythical creatures back with her, she was also now raising their child.

“I have come back to the capital for some business.

Grandpa, I am not going back to the Saint Laurent Academy.” Shen Yanxiao went on.

Hearing her words, Shen Feng could not help but become concerned.

“I know that you may not be fond of that place but I am doing this for your benefit.

An herbalist is not better than the other professions but the future development can still be promising.”

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

She understood Shen Fengs good heart.

It was just she no longer needed such things anymore.

She took out the chip of the Inter-academy Tournament from her interspatial ring and handed it to Shen Feng.

The confusion shifted into astonishment as he looked at this golden chip.

“Isnt this the chip for the Inter-academy Tournament How did you get it”

“I won it.” Said Shen Yanxiao with a smile.

“You won it Isnt this years winner of the Inter-academy Tournament a warlock” Shen Feng never connected Shen Yanxiao with that legendary warlock.

He was still under the impression that Shen Yanxiao was an herbalist.

Shen Yanxiao pointed to herself.

“I am that warlock.”


Shen Fengs jaw dropped to the ground.

Staring at his granddaughter in surprise and shock, he wondered if there was something wrong with his ears.

He clearly remembered he sent Shen Yanxiao to the Herbalist Division.


How did she turn into a warlock

“You are… a warlock” Shen Feng found this piece of news astonishing.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She looked at Shen Feng with worry.

“Grandpa, you are not going to belittle warlocks, are you” She was concerned that Shen Feng might not be able to accept the fact that she was a warlock.

The shock in the depth of Shen Fengs eyes faded away as he heaved a sigh.

“I am old but I am not stubborn.

It is people that choose the profession, not the other way around.

The dishonorable past of the warlock profession stemmed from some warlocks traveling down the wrong path.

It had nothing to do with the profession of warlocks.”

Shen Yanxiao breathed in relief to see that Shen Feng could remain reasonable.

“But, how did you become a warlock” Shen Feng was still puzzled.

Warlocks had almost gone extinct at the Brilliance Continent.

Why did his granddaughter choose such a profession that was not in popular demand

“No, this isnt right.

Xiaoxiao, I thought you cannot train in magical powers.” All of a sudden, Shen Feng noticed he had missed something.

Warlocks could only cultivate with magical powers but Shen Yanxiao had no such training!

Shen Yanxiao cleared her throat.

She kept her voice low as she looked at her grandpa in embarrassment.

“I can cultivate magical powers.”

“Is that true” Shen Feng was excited.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“Which level are you at as a warlock” Shen Feng supposed that to win the Inter-academy Tournament, Shen Yanxiao must be at the intermediate level.

Shen Feng believed that he could laugh out in his dreams to know that a kid that could not train in either magical powers or battle aura had become a warlock at the intermediate level in half a year.

Shen Yanxiao revealed the answer slowly.

“Peak of the… advanced level.”

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