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Chapter 577: Trio Training (2)

Shen Feng never expected that such a genius child was in his family, someone who could receive triple training.

Shen Yanxiao was only 13 years old.

It would be another month before she turned 14.

A 13-year-old kid who could reach the advanced level in archer, warlock, and herbalist professions; he had never heard such a thing.

If such information got out, the entire continent would be taken by surprise!

“Grandfather, I have won the Inter-academy Tournament.

I am back in the capital to accept the reward from the emperor.

After that, I will be heading to the Forsaken Land to create my territory.” Shen Yanxiao comforted Shen Feng as she tried to keep him calm.

At the same time, she told herself that she had yet to tell Shen Feng the real secret.

If she were to let Shen Feng know about Xiu, she supposed Shen Feng would drop dead on the spot.

Shen Feng hurriedly calmed his excitement as Shen Yanxiao had moved to a formal discussion.

“The Forsaken Land is not a place for fun.

All past winners from the Longxuan Empires Inter-academy Tournaments had gone there.

Even with many supplies and support from the emperor, none of them could keep a foothold there with success.

I am glad that you have won the championship, but you must be careful when it comes to the Forsaken Land.

My advice is for you to keep the formality, but do not get serious about it.

That is not a place where humans could stay.”

The Forsaken Land was infamous across the Brilliance Continent.

Shen Feng was worried when he learned that his granddaughter would be heading to such a sinister place.

Unfortunately, according to the traditions of the Inter-academy Tournament, Shen Yanxiao would have to go.

However, it would also mean different things; she could just muddle through her work.

The past winners of the Inter-academy Tournaments only went there as a mere formality.

Nobody had the confidence to confront the demons there.

Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao disagreed with Shen Feng.

“Grandfather, I am not going to put on a show.

I do want to build a city of my own in the Forsaken Land.” The Inter-academy Tournament was just a stepping stone for her to gain the right to own a piece of territory in the Forsaken Land, which was her ultimate goal.

However, Shen Feng would spit out blood if he were to know that his granddaughter only participated in the Inter-academy Tournament to have access to that dangerous land.

“Xiaoxiao, you dont know about the dangers of the Forsaken Land.

You may be strong, but that is not a place you could handle.

You dont see many demons in the Longxuan Empire.

Therefore, you may not be horrified by them.

However, demons are far more dangerous than you would ever expect.

Low-level demons are not strong if they were by themselves, but there are a great number of them.

Back then, the four countries formed an allied force of a million and yet they failed to uproot all the demons in the Brilliance Continent.

The middle-level demons are also quite intelligent.

They are shrewd and crafty, and they can compete with seventh-rank magical beasts.

High-level demons are even more terrifying as they are powerful beings.

They will be difficult to handle even for an Archarcher or Summoner, let alone just an advanced professional.

As for the advanced demons, they are similar to ninth-rank advanced magical beasts!” Shen Feng advised her in earnest.

It was hardly believable that high-level demons could compete with professionals like Archmagi.

Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes as she remembered the high-level demon that she had met in Mount Kuluo.

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