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Chapter 585: Meeting the Phoenixes Again (4)

Before they left, the Vermilion Bird stepped to the female Phoenix and looked at the fluff ball that had crouched in his hair for months.

He was unwilling to part with the little Phoenix.

“You little thing.

Finally, you can get away, and I am finally free.

You must listen to your parents from now on.” The Vermilion Bird gently poked at the little sleeping Phoenix.

The little Phoenix might have sensed something had happened.

It opened its tired eyes and saw the Vermilion Birds finger.

Out of habit, the little Phoenix rubbed against that finger.

The Vermilion Bird forced a smile.

He put his hand back, and stepped back toward Shen Yanxiao, ready to go.

When the little Phoenix, who had just woken up, saw the Vermilion Bird had turned around, and seemed to be irritated by it.

Suddenly, the little Phoenix flapped its wings and jumped out from the female Phoenixs hand.

The female Phoenix cried out in alarm.

She watched as the little Phoenix moved its short legs and made a great effort to chase after the Vermilion Bird while it made a chu-chu sound in anxiety.

“Chu! Chu!” The little Phoenix had no idea what had happened.

All it could tell was that its family was leaving; they meant to abandon it.

Panic spread in its heart.

It was young, and its steps were slow.

Even so, the little Phoenix struggled toward the Vermilion Bird, unwilling to give up.

All the little Phoenix could see was the Vermilion Bird moved further and further away.

“Chu!!” The little Phoenix was alarmed.

It kept on running.

With its small claw on the ground, the little Phoenix accidentally fell hard.

That small noise it made startled someone petite in front.

The Vermilion Bird turned around and saw the little Phoenix tried hard to raise its head to look at him.

He could see a trace of tears in those googly eyes.

The Vermilion Birds heart ached.

It was a different feeling than when Shen Yanxiao had disappeared.

He could not tell exactly what that was.

The female Phoenix was concerned about her child.

She hurried toward it and picked up the little Phoenix.

However, the little Phoenix was not in the mood to care about anything else.

It was about to jump out of the female Phoenixs arms to chase after the Vermilion Bird.

“Well…” The male Phoenix looked at his baby with a headache.

The little Phoenix was not willing to be parted from the Vermilion Bird.

After hesitation, the male Phoenix finally said, “My friend, please wait.”

Shen Yanxiao turned around slowly and looked at the hesitant Phoenixes.

“What is it”

“Well, our child doesnt seem to want to be parted from you.

How about this If you have to go to the Forsaken land, then we will go with you.

You may consider this our compensation for your help,” the male Phoenix said.

It was a decision made after much deliberation.

The little Phoenix did not want to be away from the Vermilion Bird.

Even if the Phoenixes were to force it to stay, they were afraid that the little Phoenix would not be happy.

Besides, the Phoenixes were worried about Shen Yanxiao if she were to go to the Forsaken Land.

The situation had facilitated them to make the decision that they should go with Shen Yanxiao instead.

That way, the little Phoenix could be comforted, and they could pay Shen Yanxiao back for her kindness.

That was a win-win situation.


“Seriously.” The male Phoenix nodded.

“If so, thank you very much.” Shen Yanxiao expressed her gratitude.

The female Phoenix hugged the struggling little Phoenix and handed it to the Vermilion Bird.

The moment the little Phoenix was close to the Vermilion Bird, it began to flap its wings as it climbed onto the Vermilion Birds head.

The little Phoenix gripped the Vermilion Birds hair with its teeth, afraid that the Vermilion Bird would abandon it again.

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