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Chapter 600: Head-on Blow (1)

“What did you say” Shen Yanxiaos words came as a shock to Qu Rui.

She was pretty, but her words offended his ears.

“I said…” Shen Yanxiao smiled as she squinted her eyes.

“You rubbish from the Blue Moon Dynasty, listen up! I will slaughter each one of you if you dare to set foot in my land again.”

“Your land Who are you” Qu Rui could smell that something was off.

Shen Yanxiao raised her chin.

“I am Shen Yanxiao from the Longxuan Empire.

From now on, I will be the one to manage Longxuan Empires territory in the Forsaken Land.

You will never touch anything here again.” Even a cornered dog would leap across a wall in desperation.

Those people took advantage of her in her presence.

If she did not fight back, they would bully her for as long as she was in the Forsaken Land, and she would have to say goodbye to her efforts in building a city there.

She was never one to be outdone!

“Are you the delegate from the Longxuan Empire this year” Qu Rui found it hard to accept that the girl was part of the Longxuan Empires delegate.

He sized Shen Yanxiao up before he burst into laughter.

“You Look, my pretty girl, did all the men in the Longxuan Empire die or something Why would the Longxuan Empire send you, such a delicate lady, to this kind of wasteland Id advise you to find a man and get married.

Dont get yourself exposed to the weather here.

Be careful, or a demon would snatch you one day.”

Qu Ruis words made his minions laugh.

No one took Shen Yanxiao seriously.

Not even an adult man could bear the cruelty in the Forsaken Land, let alone a young girl with a waist that was thinner than their thighs.

It must have been a joke.

The unconstrained laughter continued to echo.

Shen Yanxiao smirked.

The next moment, an agile figure ran past Shen Yanxiao.

Before anyone realized what had happened, that person had dashed behind Qu Rui, who had leaned back as he laughed.

All Qu Rui felt was a dull pain in his knees before he dropped to his knees.

A slim hand had his throat in a tight grip.

“You do not deserve to talk to my sister.” Lan Fengli stood behind Qu Rui.

The formers eyes were filled with killing intent as his body emitted a gloomy aura.

The laughter stopped abruptly!

“You… What are you doing I am the son of a marquis.

My father will never let you go if you hurt me in any way!” Qu Rui never imagined that he, a son of a marquis, would be held hostage by a teenage boy.

The hand on his neck exerted more strength, and he started to feel fear.

The people from the Blue Moon Dynasty wanted to help Qu Rui, even as the boy controlled him.

“Take one more step, and I will snap his neck off.” Shen Yanxiao glared at those people coldly.

Nobody dared to act rashly.

She was such a young and charming girl, but she looked so cold that no one dared to question her words.

Shen Yanxiao stepped forward and stomped on the mans shoulder.

“I dont care whose son you are.

I am the one calling shots in the eastern region of the Forsaken Land.

If you do not cherish your life, you may try me again.

I do not care if your father has to lose his son.” A trace of murderous intent leaked from Shen Yanxiaos squinted eyes.

Frightened, Qu Rui looked at Shen Yanxiao against the light as he knelt on the ground.

Her beautiful face that could make people go crazy looked like that of a demon from hell.

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