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Chapter 602: Head-on Blow (3)

The smile lingered on Qu Ruis face.

Suddenly, two crimson masses of fire burst out in front of Shen Yanxiao.

The two Phoenixes had transformed back into birds of fire, and the flames spread out like seawater.

In the blink of an eye, the two huge Phoenixes took flight and hovered above the crowd.

Their yelps reached the sky and pierced everyones ears.

As the two Phoenixes screeched, all the magical beasts on the ground fell on all fours, and none of the beasts dared to take one step forward.

What did it mean to be a mythical beast

They could make all the other beasts surrender and earn their admiration!

As the two huge mythical birds soared into the sky, the temperature immediately increased.

The men from the Blue Moon Dynasty looked at the enormous birds of fire in the sky in awe.

Every single one of them was stunned by the mighty beasts.

Qu Rui stared at the Phoenixes with his mouth open.

He was born into a noble family, so he had seen many powerful magical beasts, but none could compare with the two Phoenixes in the sky.

“What… What are those magical beasts” Qu Rui was astonished.

He was sure that he had seen them beside Shen Yanxiao.

How did they turn into such formidable magical beasts and flew over their heads in the blink of an eye

Magical beasts that could turn into humans…

Qu Rui gulped in fear.

Those beasts must be at the mythical level…

Mythical beasts!

The magical beasts that existed only in legends were right in front of him, and…

There were two of them!

Who was that Shen Yanxiao She could not have used two mythical beasts for deterrence, even if she were from the God Realm!

Qu Rui almost passed as he felt shortness of breath.

His 200 followers were not nearly enough to fight a fight against the two mythical beasts.

There was no need to fight at all!

Qu Ruis heart trembled.

How unlucky was he! He was only trying to pick up a pretty girl.

How come he had entered himself in such trouble

The proud and mighty Qu Rui had wanted retaliation, but he had lost all vigor completely.

“Young Master… what do we do now” The priest by Qu Ruis side looked at the Phoenixes as he shivered.

The priests middle-level magical beast trembled the moment the two Phoenixes presented themselves.

The Phoenixes could have stomped that magical beast to death.

There was no chance that the latter could have battled against those mythical beasts.

Qu Rui slapped the priest in a fit of anger.

“Do you think we can continue the fight Who are you trying to impress”

The priest covered his swollen face and looked at his young master in resentment.

‘It was you that wanted the fight.

You regretted it when you saw the difficult opponent.

It would be up to your opponent if you even had the chance to show any remorse.

The appearance of the two Phoenixes crushed Qu Ruis confidence entirely.

“Then… what is our plan” The priest asked in a bitter tone.

“Leave! Hurry up and go! Dont take anything; just go!” Qu Rui was frightened.

None of his people could stand a chance against Shen Yanxiao.

They would have to leave.

Otherwise, none of them could get out alive.

The arrogant crowd turned around and fled when Qu Rui gave the order.

They did not even look back.

The two Phoenixes almost made them wet in their pants before they even breathed out any fire.

When Uncle Nine and Du Lang got to them, they arrived just in time to see Qu Rui and his people flee in embarrassment.

Then, Uncle Nine and the others looked up at the sky.

The two huge Phoenixes were still flying, and crimson flames lit up the sky.

For a moment, Uncle Nine and the others were also scared.

“Where did the Phoenixes come from”

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