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Chapter 609: A Carnival for Demons (1)

The chaos in the Sun Never Sets was made more prominent by the chilly wind.

Dark clouds hung in the sky and shrouded the abandoned citys remnants in a layer of dusk.

The air in it was more turbid than the area outside.

Even breathing had become a laborious effort.

A disgusting odor dispersed in the air, and it made everyone uncomfortable.

Not long after they stepped into the Sun Never Sets vicinity, Du Lang and the rest felt many greedy eyes looking at them through the fallen and broken walls.

Those looks made them shiver with fear.

At that moment, they realized that they were in the Forsaken Land, where the demons ran wild.

They were surrounded by fiends that they could only feel but not see.

Some of the younger mercenaries gulped in fear.

Their weapon-holding hands trembled.

The empty avenue was dusty, and in the distance, they saw two figures approaching them.

As they got nearer, their appearances got clearer.

They were two identical handsome young men, and they only wore something below their waists.

Their chests were bare, and they also looked strangely pale.

It was a kind of paleness that was ghastly white, and it demonstrated the true meaning of the color; it was flawless but gruesome at the same time.

They let their dark hair hang behind their back.

The darkness of their hair accentuated the whiteness of their skin.

The two young men had delicate features on their identical faces, and their smiles gave everyone a weird vibe.

However, their violet eyes looked stunning.

“Are there other humans here” A young mercenary was surprised to see those two pretty and coquettish young men in front of them.

“Humans When did you ever see a human with purple eyes” Magic Wolf tightened his grip on the staff and stayed on high alert.

Only demons had purple eyes, at least in the Brilliance Continent.

It was a sign that they were from the demon race, and they represented a nightmare for everyone on the continent.

Those two must have been advanced-level demons since they could take human forms.

Du Langs heart nearly stopped when they caught two high-level demons attention just as they stepped into the city.

Shen Yanxiao had two mythical beasts with her, so they should have no problem dealing with those two demons.

However, a fight could also attract the attention of other demons in the area.

Even with the help of the two Phoenixes, 100 high-level demons could eliminate most of their team!

It was not an optimistic fight.

The two demons slowly presented themselves to the group, and they wore an unrestrained grin on their faces.

“It has been a long time since we saw any humans in the Sun Never Sets.

Dear guests from afar, on behalf of the Sun Never Sets citizens, please allow me to welcome you to the city.” The demon on the left showed good manners, and he bowed to salute as if he was an educated gentleman.

Nobody said anything in response to the demons.

Everyone had a tight grip on the weapons in their hands.

Those demons could devour them in an instant!

The demon on the right stared at the nervous crowd with a teasing smile.

“My dear guests, you are so intense.

As the first group of humans to arrive at the Sun Never Sets in hundreds of years, we will welcome you most passionately.” He extended his arms and squinted his eyes as he kept his gaze on the group.

Laughing loudly, he shouted the following words.

“By turning you into food for the demons in the Sun Never Sets.”

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