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Chapter 611: A Carnival for Demons (3)

Shen Yanxiao marveled at how acute a demons perception could be.

At the same time, she was curious as to what Lan Fengli was in the demons eyes.

It was evident that even the high-level demons with powerful senses could not see through Lan Fengli for what he truly was.

“Demon” Du Lang looked at the five people behind Shen Yanxiao in shock.

The Vermilion Bird and the two Phoenixes were magical beasts, for sure.

Was there a demon amongst them Lan Fengli and Freud… was a demon

Freud shrugged, as he wiped his hand over his eyes.

The same violet eyes appeared.

The Cave Wolf Mercenary Groups members felt as if they had been struck by lightning.

The villagers did not give much of a reaction because they were no more informed of demons than Lan Fengli.

“Dont be so nervous.

I will not eat you.” Along the way, the mercenaries had been hanging out with him for fun.

Those mercenaries faces had turned deathly pale, so Freud decided to blow a kiss to them as a joke.

The mercenaries shivered.

“This is my first time meeting an interesting human like you.

However, that does not change anything since you are already here.” The two high-level demons smiled after they observed Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao also smiled at the two handsome demons and said, “Such a shame.

I am coming here to change everything in this place, including the city of the Sun Never Sets and the demons in the Sun Never Sets.”

“Oh How audacious! Do you know how many demons there are in the Sun Never Sets There are 37,800 low-level demons, 6790 middle-rank demons, and 231 high-level demons.

The four countries from the Brilliance Continent even worked together back in the day, but they still failed to eliminate all of the demons.

What do you think you can achieve You want to change everything With the three magical beasts behind you Or are you relying on the traitor Or, maybe, that little fellow with a suspicious origin”

“Well Is that what you think” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

She waved her hand immediately after that.

The Vermilion Bird and the two Phoenixes transformed into flames and rose to the sky.

Three masses of fire burned in the atmosphere before it spread out and formed a sea of fire above the abandoned city.

The red flames lit up the entire town and cast a red hue over the sky.

The moment the flames faded, the three enormous birds of fire were revealed.

They continued to hover in the sky as their wings of fire spread opened; they almost covered the entire city!

The handsome demons smiles froze.

They were scared when they stared at the three giant birds in the sky.

“Phoenixes and the Vermilion Bird… three magical beasts of the mythical level!” The two demons voices cracked.

Fear replaced their sense of dignity and elegance.

They had already known that the Vermilion Bird and the two Phoenixes were mighty, but they never expected them to be magical beasts of the mythical level!

High-level demons were formidable.

However, they were no match against mythical beasts, let alone three mythical beasts.

“Since when could humans have so many mythical beasts” The two demons had not imagined that someone could unleash three mythical beasts at the same time!

Apart from the extinct god race, no single being from other races could own three mythical beasts at any one time!

However, how did they miss the aura of the god race in Shen Yanxiao

The god race had become extinct tens of millions of years ago.

They were long gone from the world.

The demons even witnessed the death of the god race with their own eyes.

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