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Chapter 627: A Competition of Wealth (2)

The gold coins on the ground blinded the onlookers, and the smug smile froze on the young mans mouth.

The crowds were utterly shocked by how she threw money like mud in front of them.

They had met wealthy people before, but not someone as rich as the lady in front of them!

Their hearts pounded as more gold coins poured out of Shen Yanxiaos interspatial ring.

In a few seconds, it seemed like there were tens of thousands of gold on the ground.

Still, that young miss did not show any intention to stop.

The unmistakable sound made by the streams of gold coins lingered in their minds.

Most of those who went to the Scar of Oblivion were from well-off families.

Many could easily spend ten thousand gold coins there.

However, those people would spend money on treasures and rare items.

No one had ever seen anyone willing to pay ten thousand gold coins on two slaves.

That was not even the end of it yet.

They wondered how many gold coins were in Shen Yanxiaos interspatial ring; they continue to pour like inexhaustible streams.

As more gold coins piled under Shen Yanxiaos feet, the young mans expression turned bitter.

He thought it was already unbelievable that he would spend ten thousand gold coins like nothing.

That girl was even more abnormal than him.

Who would spend tens of thousands of gold coins to buy a useless girl slave

Had the lady lost her mind, or was she nuts

Evil Wolf protected Xiao Jiu as she watched Shen Yanxiao throw money away like mud.

Xiao Jius watery eyes were filled with excitement and disbelief.

The six wolves were not in a better state of mind than the onlookers.

The six wolves knew that Shen Yanxiao was rich.

They had arrived at that conclusion after a few past incidents.

When they accepted the Forsaken Land mission, each member from the mercenary group received at least a hundred thousand gold coins.

At that time, the six wolves felt that Shen Yanxiao must have appreciated their skills.

However, when they saw how Shen Yanxiao would pay so much gold coins for a slave, they felt as if they would cry.

It turned out while they had valuable skills; some wealthy people had too much money.

Perhaps that was why she paid them such a high salary!

The six wolves decided that they would complain tearfully about Shen Yanxiaos evil deeds to their team leader when they went back!

She had deceived them! Tricked their fragile little minds!

Regardless of how people looked at her, a certain wealthy girl just kept pouring out gold coins without even batting her eyelids.

A competition of wealth against her

That was ridiculous.

He did not know that it was the Longxuan Empires treasury that supported her.

She would crush him to death with the wealth of a nations treasury!

To a certain extent, someone was shameless and brazen in action.

However, no one knew that fact; to them, Shen Yanxiao was a person made of gold, and she could even sneeze gold out of her nose!

That young man could not have competed against the unethical girl who used the national treasury as her own bank.

When the gold coins by Shen Yanxiaos feet had piled up to a small hill, that young man felt his mouth twitched.

He turned away without saying another word.

No man could stand it when a girl with money shamed them!

The servants packed up the wooden case on the ground and ran away; they were frightened out of their wits.

When she saw the young man flee in panic, Shen Yanxiao grinned.

She turned her palm over and finally stopped that competition of wealth.

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