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Chapter 640: City Construction (11)

He had seen the new mining areas location, and it was a little far from the city.

Therefore, it was normal if they could not return in the afternoon.

“I hope so.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She tasked the workers constructing the walls to pay attention to any movements while she went to the outskirts to take a look.

Lan Fengli and Yin Jiuchen, her usual two tails, followed her.

While they were there, they saw the Vermilion Bird busy with the new water source.

As a fire-elemental magical bast, the Vermilion Bird disliked water, and therefore, he was exceptionally rough with his actions.

He violently shot more than a dozen of fireballs at the same spot on the ground; that was how he created the well.

The little phoenix crouched on the head of the Vermilion Bird as it lazily squinted its eyes.

“I thought youre prepared to have me live on my own.” The Vermilion hovered in the air as he looked at his heartless master.

He pouted as he muttered those words.

He did not know why Lan Fengli could stay by Shen Yanxiaos side all day long while he, as the real contracted beast, had been dispatched to work.

“How could I bear to do so” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

She did not want to torture the Vermilion Bird, but the job could only be accomplished by the three magical beasts.

As for Lan Fengli, she had no other choice.

She did not know when his memories would suddenly resurface.

What if he started a massacre after he recovered his memories

She did not wish to fight her little brother, so she could only have him by her side to take care of him.

“Hmph!” The Vermilion Bird cockily turned his head and snorted.

Jiu Shu and the others were already accustomed to the relationship between the master and her beast.

Therefore it was no surprise to them.

“Alright, its been hard on you.

You can rest well in another two days.” Shen Yanxiao laughed.

The three magical beasts had indeed done a lot of manual labor during that period.

First, they had to demolish the construction within the city, and after that, they had to build the water source.

They did not complain about what they had to do, and all of them followed Shen Yanxiaos instructions.

The Vermilion Bird snorted again, but he continued with his work.

He knew that it was a crucial period for Shen Yanxiao, and therefore, he knew he had to continue with his work.

Just as Shen Yanxiao patrolled the outskirts, a Cave Wolves Mercenary Group member went to her on a horse.

“City master! Something had happened to Su Hes team!”

The smile on Shen Yanxiaos face instantly froze, and her expression turned into a frown.

“What happened!”

“They were ambushed in the mines, and their injuries are rather severe.

Su He is currently still unconscious, and the leader sent me to get you back to the city,” the mercenary said in a hurry.

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and said, “Vermilion Bird!”

He had already understood his masters intentions and immediately transformed into his bird form.

With Shen Yanxiao on his back, he flew back toward the city at great speed.

As for Yin Jiuchen, she had completely blanked out.

“Brother Su… What happened to Brother Su” Yin Jiuchen anxiously looked at Shen0640 Yanxiao as she flew on the Vermilion Bird.

Her small hands trembled.

Jiu Shu could not bear to see her so worried, so he went to comfort her.

“Dont panic.

Lets go back and take a look.” He ordered everyone to stop with their tasks so that they could rush back to the city.

While Shen Yanxiao and the Vermilion Bird neared the city, she saw a group of people had gathered at the gates.

She jumped down, and her dexterous body flipped in the air before she landed steadily on the ground.

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