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Chapter 645: Phantom Reunion (3)

Shen Yanxiaos friend brought about 6700 people from various fields and even more materials with them.

She immediately arranged work for them when she had gone through their abilities.

She also told them that the demons in the city would not attack them, and they would also have to be friendly to the demons.

When the new arrivals heard about that, they were shocked.

Fortunately, members from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group explained the situation to them.

It seemed like they would be able to adapt to the new environment pretty soon.

“Xiaoxiao, are you serious The demons here will not attack humans” Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Yanxiao with a pale face as he felt that everything was too unbelievable.

Just as Shen Yanxiao was about to answer him, the graceful Yao Ji brought a plate of fruits to them.

She smiled at the five handsome young men before she took her leave.

She even swayed her hips as she walked.

Tang Nazhis eyes nearly popped out.

What was going on How did their Xiaoxiao manage to find such a beautiful lady in the city

Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi and slowly said, “Her name is Yao Ji and shes one of the citys 200 high-level demons.”

“…” Tang Nazhi felt as if his budding new crush had been crushed into pieces.

“How did you accomplish this feat” Yang Xi already sensed something amiss the moment he entered the city.

He had seen no lack of demons, but they did not harbor any ill intentions toward their group.

On the contrary, they had kept their distance.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders and said, “I found a method to feed the demons.”

“Feed… feed the demons” Tang Nazhi felt that Shen Yanxiao could amaze the world with a single feat.

No one could accomplish what she had done.

First, she had studied to become a Warlock.

Then, she went to the Forsaken Land and researched on how to feed the demons.

It felt as if she could not rest if she did nothing to surprise other people!

“Thats right.

The demons were from the devil race, and there were no humans in their homeland.

They rely on dark elements for survival, and I found something that could produce dark elements, which basically means food for them.

Therefore, they are no longer interested in humans.” Shen Yanxiao was honest with her friends.

Qi Xia and the rest had abandoned everything to go to the Forsaken Land for her.

Therefore, there was no need for her to conceal anything from them.

“This is indeed a novel idea.

It is astonishing that you could accomplish this feat.” Qi Xia did not have any reaction about that piece of news, and instead, he found it fascinating.

“Oh right, it seemed like you were in the middle of a discussion when we arrived.

You looked angry too.

What happened” Qi Xia asked as he remembered how Shen Yanxiao had looked before that.

The smile on Shen Yanxiaos lips immediately disappeared the moment he mentioned that.

Then, she told them about the attacks that the mining teams had encountered.

The five jerks quietly listened to her and only spoke after she finished her explanation.

“Du Langs suggestion is quite reasonable.

However, that type of tolerance is not in line with your personality, and secondly, it would also encourage the enemys morale.

Therefore, you should not go with that decision.” Yan Yu analyzed the situation calmly.

“They had reservations because you were the only ones with overwhelming abilities.

They did not dare to make you take the risk.

However, it is different now.

Were here now, so why dont we just toy with them to their deaths” Qi Xia quirked his brows.

Those who dared to mess with their sister should wash their necks and make preparations to die!

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