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Chapter 649: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (1)

Meanwhile, at the Fantasy Devil City, Geng Di had just received a report from his subordinates.

He could finally smile after a few gloomy days.

“Weve killed hundreds of them Haha, well done.”

Qu Rui was secretly delighted as he listened in on their conversation and as he sang praises to Geng Dis plan.

“You are very wise, City Master.

It doesnt look like they suffered small losses.”

Geng Di waved his hand and said, “How could I be the only one I heard that the other two city masters had also done the same thing.

I did not expect wed have the same plan.

With attacks from all three sides, Id like to see how long can Shen Yanxiao survive.

If she wants to build a city in the Forsaken Land, shell still have to ask for our permission!”

Qu Rui hastily added, “Thats right.

How can that witless young girl be your match Thanks to your keen observation, we were able to pass the information to the other city masters in time so that they could send some men to monitor the situation there.”

If Geng Di had not ordered his men to spread the information, the God Wind Alliance and the Seventh Kingdom would probably still be in the dark about the eastern areas situation.

They would not be able to hinder Shen Yanxiaos progress.

Geng Di chuckled and said, “Its natural to share such information.

Those two men had built their cities in the North and West much earlier, and so they had better foundation than us.

With their help, they had saved me some trouble.

Lets continue sending those men to attack the mining teams.

Well see if Shen Yanxiao and her people would dare to leave their city in the next few days.”

Those three forces had uncommon might.

They could sever the Sun Never Sets connection with the outside world.

The moment someone left that city, their enemy would attack them immediately.

No one would dare to leave the city after that, which meant the citys construction progress would be stopped.

Even if she had many workers, even the most intelligent housewife could not cook without rice.

Eventually, they would run out of food, and if they could not get help from outside, they would be forced to a corner.

They could not even continue to stay in the Forsaken Land, let alone to build a city.

The bodyguard then left to pass Geng Dis orders to his subordinates.

They would continue to attack the Sun Never Sets.

In the afternoon, the Sun Never Sets mining teams set off once again.

Their opponents man, who stood guard outside the city, saw them as they left.

The man immediately sent a signal to the rest of his team, who laid in wait for an ambush.

“Looks like they are a fearless bunch.

They still dared to leave the city even though we attacked them yesterday,” one of the men snorted.

“What can they do if they dont leave the city I dont think they have any other option.

It looks like they had to put the construction on hold.

If they dont leave, then they wont be able to continue with the walls,” another man said.

“In any case, theyre at a dead end.

No one would care about their struggle.

No one from the Longxuan Empire had successfully built their city in the Forsaken Land yet.

They have only themselves to blame for their untimely arrival.

The current situation here is not something they can afford to get involved in now.”

“I heard that the other two cities also took the same action.

They had sent many intermediate and advanced level archers for the attack.

Their victims were destined to be a hedgehog.”

The man laughed.

“One of my brothers was outside the city, and he said that their city master is a charming little beauty.”

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