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Chapter 652: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (4)

On this day, battles continuously occured in the eastern area of the Forsaken Land.

The pungent blood scent was diffused into the air as it scattered along with the wind and sprinkled on the land that had been peaceful for thousands over years.

Large amount of red blood stained the earth and added a touch of splendor to the dried up and gloomy land.

Today was an eternal nightmare for some and also the end of their lives.

Those butchers of yesterday had turned into lambs to be slaughtered as they fell apart under the mythical beasts might.

In the evening, the ten teams had made it back without a single casualty and yet, they killed thousands of their enemies.

The five jerks along with their mythical beasts had returned in glory and those self-opinionated killers were merely vulnerable targets before these genius youngsters.

“How is it Have you been attacked” Near the gates of the city, Tang Nazhi complacently smiled as he looked at the few comrades of his.

“Of course.” Yang Xi shrugged his shoulders.

The moment the Azure Dragon appeared, the opponent was instantly massacred.

“Its a pity there was no opportunity for me to attack.

The Qilin merely moved its hooves and they turned into a pile of meat.” Qi Xia felt rather regretful.

He originally thought he could have a good fight, but he did not expect the opponent to be extremely weak.

His mythical beast had yet to complete his warm up and the battle had ended.

“Ha, you guys…” Yan Yu could not help but laugh.

Li Xiaowei remained silent througout and even Orochi who stood beside him had an expression of dissatisfaction.

It was as if someone had owed him hundred millions of dollars.

“Bro, why are you so depressed” Tang Nazhi slung his arm over Li Xiaoweis shoulder.

“We didnt encounter any enemy today.” Li Xiaowei said.

“Ah” Tang Nazhi blinked.

The probability of him not encountering an enemy was too low.

The Phoenixes, Vermilion Bird and Lan Fengli had all returned with the enemys blood on their hands but unexpectedly, Li Xiaowei did not meet a single enemy today.

It was only one tenth of a probability, yet he was so unlucky to have encountered it.

What else could Tang Nazhi say

It was no wonder Orochis face was so ugly.

He originally left with the intention to fill his stomach and who would have expected that he did not even see a single strand of their hair

“I wonder hows it going with Xiaoxiaos side.” Qi Xia looked at the skies.

Nine out of ten teams had returned and the remaining one was Shen Yanxiaos team.

“When had that little girl suffered a loss Since she dared to go, it meant she had a hundred percent confidence to take down the enemy.

We can just be at ease.” Yang Xi was not worried about Shen Yanxiao in the slightest.

Even though her team seemed to be the weakest, even Lan Fengli that guy had returned without a single scratch.

With her intellect and strength, what could possibly happen to her

If Yang Xi knew that a certain young girl was in fact, a killing god, he would probably not be that optimistic.

The other mining members had left, but the five jerks, the Vermilion Bird, and Lan Fengli were reluctant to leave.

They stood at the city gates and looked outside of the city while waiting for a certain familiar silhouette to appear.

When the sun had set halfway, a team of members had finally appeared before everyones line of sights.

From afar, the five of them saw the little girl who was leading the team and it was that familiar face and arrogant smile of hers that greeted them.

The Vermilion Bird transformed into a streak of light and dashed towards Shen Yanxiao.

He was the only one among everyone who was aware that there was an incredibly powerful soul that resided within her.

Even if something did happen to all the nine teams, Shen Yanxiao would never be injured with Xius protection.

However, the fact that he was thrown into the other teams by his master made him depressed.

Other peoples mythical beasts had all followed their master as they entered the battlefield, but why did his master love to kick him away

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