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Chapter 653: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (5)

Shen Yanxiaos safe return meant a complete victory in todays attack.

Nine out of ten teams had encountered an enemy attack.

Based on the information from the other nine teams, there were some fools who threatened them with their background while they were being besieged.

Out of the 9 group of enemies they encountered, two were from the Seventh Kingdom, one was from the God Wind Alliance and the remaining six were either from Blue Moon Dynasty and Fantasy Devil City.

“The Blue Moon Dynasty is still really afraid of me.

To think they would send out thousands of troops to intercept us.” Shen Yanxiao had obtained a general understanding of the situation in the Forsaken Land after todays battle.

“Even though the Seventh Kingdom and the God Wind Alliance have dispatched their men, they were basically there to cause some disturbance.

The casualties from their three groups are also on the lower end.

However, the Blue Moon Dynastys hatred for us seems to have ingrained into their bones.

They would always leave half of their men after every sneak attack.” Du Lang gathered all these pieces of information and made a conclusion.

“Based on todays situation, even though the Seventh Kingdom and the God Wind Alliance are not happy to see our progress on the citys construction, they did not go to the extreme.

Right now, the main opponent we have to focus on is the Blue Moon Dynasty.”

Shen Yanxiao propped her chin and said with a smile, “It seems like our eight characters clash with the Blue Moon Dynasty, as if we were born to be enemies.” After a Luo Fan came and went, another Qu Rui arrived.

Right now, the Fantasy Devil City had also appeared.

It seemed like their fate with the Blue Moon Dynasty was predestined.

“They should not be carrying out the same attack after todays counterattack.

Even if they want to reorganize their men, I believe the Fantasy Devil City would not be able to bring out as many archers.” Du Lang carefully analyzed.

Based on todays attack, the opponents would most likely take a breather for a few days and by then, their city walls would be completed.

“For the time being If that is the case, will they take further actions” Qi Xia raised his brows after he heard Du Langs analysis.

He then turned to Shen Yanxiao and said, “Your grudge with the Blue Moon Dynasty is not that simple.

If you give them any time to breathe, I believe they will definitely come back and torture you.

I had inquired with the people I brought along, who are all experts in city construction.

Based on their estimation, with the current numbers and area of Sun Never Sets, it will take at least five months for the construction to be completed.”

“Five months” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

A temporary retreat was not the result she wanted.

She did not wish to bear with those idiots harassment while she was busy with the construction of the city.

“After todays lesson, they would at least require a months time to think up a new idea.” Du Lang added on.

“A month That wont do.

We need five months to construct the city, and if we allow them to continue their harassment for five subsequent months, how are we to concentrate on the important matters” Tang Nazhi frowned.

Evidently, he had already regarded himself as a citizen of the city.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and thought about a method to resolve future troubles once and for all.

The next second, a smile curled on her lips and she said in all seriousness, “Qi Xia, Yang Yi, Yan Yu, Nazhi, Little Wei, you shall accompany me tonight on a trip to the Fantasy Devil City.”


“Why are you going there We should be hiding from them right now! Are you trying to court death”

“City lord, you mustnt do that at this critical time!”

Shen Yanxiaos suggestion was met with rejection by everyone, only the five jerks had unexpectedly remained silent.

“Rest assured, I have my own plans.

I will make them obediently stay within their cities for the next five months.” Shen Yanxiao smiled as an ingenious idea had formed in her mind.

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