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Chapter 655: The Might of Eight Mythical Beasts (2)

“Are you bullying my White Tiger just because he cant fly” Yan Yu could not help but laugh as he stood up and summoned the White Tiger with a wave of his hand.

A blinding white light the shape of a ball descended down the earth and its dazzling light spread around its surrounding.

When the light faded, a massive White Tiger the size of a city suddenly appeared.

“No worries, Im with you!” Tang Nazhi laughed out loud as he leaped down from the Phoenix.

The ground of the Forsaken Land was shaking intensely, before a large beast broke through the dried earth and emerged above ground.

The Black Tortoise that was similar to a mountain was erected before everyone, and Tang Nazhi steadily landed on its body.

Li Xiaowei hesitatingly looked up at Orochi who had a gloomy expression on his face.

Orochi sneered and said, “My opponents I have not seen over thousands of years have gathered together here today.

How could I possibly lose out to them”

A black shadow leaped up and transformed into a black mist which shrouded the earth.

The next second, an eight-headed serpent appeared before their sights, and its size was no less than that of the other five mythical beasts!

Azure Dragon! White Tiger, Vermilion Bird! Black Tortoise! Qilin! Phoenix! Orochi!

Eight mythical beasts at the top of the food chain formed an unsurpassable tall mountain range.

With the emergence of the eight mythical beasts in the Forsaken Land, lightning flashed, the wind roared, the earth shook, and the demons feared.

At that very moment, all the magical beasts could only be subservient!

People in the Fantasy Devil City were prepared to enter their dreamlands but all of a sudden, they felt an earthquake and were baffled by it.

Shortly after, the sounds of thunder crashing down and lightning flickering in the skies along with the howling of the wind followed.

The abnormal phenomenon caused everyone to wake up from shock and look out at the half bright skies in panic.

“Is there an earthquake”

“F*ck, its an earthquake! Run!”

Sounds of screams echoed from each house and the quiet Fantasy Devil City was instantly in chaos.

Geng Di woke up from his sleep due to the noise and the bodyguard stationed at his door was trembling.

“Whats happening outside Did the beast tide come ahead of time” Geng Di sensed the shaking beneath his feet and furrowed his brows.

“Reporting to the city lord.

Something bad has happened outside.”

Outside the city, eight mythical beasts were standing against the wind.

The guards who were stationed on the city gates had already been shocked out their wits by the appearance of the eight mythical beasts before them.

When had they ever seen mythical beasts in their lives However, at that very moment, there were eight mythical beasts standing right outside their city walls looking extremely mighty and powerful

There were the Azure Dragon, Qilin, Vermilion Bird and the Phoenixes in the skies.

On the ground, there was the White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Orochi.

The scene made everyone suspect if they were dreaming.

The mythical beasts of the legends had unexpectedly appeared at the same time.

Moreover, there were… eight of them!

Some of the guards who were weak hearted had directly fainted with foam leaking out their mouths.

The citizens of the Fantasy Devil City were unable to imagine why so many mythical beasts had appeared outside their city gates, but they knew of one fact; once these eight mythical beasts decided to set themselves against their city, then there would be only one result, disaster!

The appearance of a single mythical beast was sufficient to frighten the whole city.

Not to mention eight!

Citizens of the Fantasy Devil City were all attracted by those majestic mythical beasts and a large number of them crowded at the city gates as they looked at them in fright and fear.

“Xiaoxiao, how do you wish to display our might” Tang Nazhi stood on the Black Tortoise, and as he looked at the crowd near the city gates, he eagerly prepared himself for a fight.

“Show them the might of our mythical beasts.” Shen Yanxiao sat on the Vermilion Bird as it hovered in the skies with one raised hand.

Simultaneously, the eight mythical beasts roared in unison.

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