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Chapter 657: The Might of Eight Mythical Beasts (4)

Geng Di could feel his heart dropping down to the pits of his stomach.

“Shen Yanxiao from Sun Never Sets!!” Geng Di practically could not believe his ears.

No words could describe Geng Dis current emotion.

That girl who personally led eight mythical beasts and appeared before his city gates to make such a statement was none other than that Shen Yanxiao whom he had dispatched men to hinder a few days ago! The current city lord of Sun Never Sets!

“How could it be her How How could she possibly possess eight mythical beasts!” Geng Di could feel his head short-circuiting.

The information Qu Rui had brought to him clearly stated that she only possessed two mythical beasts.

Even though two mythical beasts was something to be feared, Geng Di was not overly afraid.

After all, there was also a concealed expert with a mythical level beast in his city.

Coupled with the deep foundation of his city in the Forsaken Land, he was not without power if a fight were to break out.

Therefore, with all the assurance he had, he had dared to brazenly dispatch teams to obstruct the mining teams of Sun Never Sets.

However, Shen Yanxiaos appearance today had given him a huge tight slap on his face!

She had brought her mythical beasts to another countrys city and blatantly showed off her might.

Geng Di knew very well that she came here for a show of force and to also give a warning.

She was warning him that if he continued to oppose her, she would definitely lead eight mythical beasts to flatten his city.

Even though he knew that Shen Yanxiao came to threaten him, Geng Di did not dare to resist in the slightest.

Eight mythical beasts!

The initial number had quadrupled!

Unless Geng Di had the capability to invite all the experts in the Blue Moon Dynasty who possessed a mythical beast, it was impossible for him to resist the anger of eight mythical beasts!


Immediately call out Qu Rui that fool! I want to ask him if he was blind to have provoked a killing god for me!” Geng Di felt extremely upset at Qu Rui and also at himself.

He should not have easily listened to Qu Rui.

He should have carefully tasked his men to investigate the in and outs of Shen Yanxiao.

If he had done so, he would not be forced to be as passive as he was now.

With the thought that the opponent had only two mythical beasts, he had dispatched archers to intercept their mining teams!

If that was not courting death, then what

The more he thought about it, the more fearful he felt.

The reason why Shen Yanxiao had not massacred her way into the city was very likely due to the agreement between the four countries.

Otherwise, she would have taken her revenge without a care for the consequences.

No eggs can remain unbroken when the nest is upset!

The entire Fantasy Devil City would turn into a sea of blood!

Qu Rui, who was in a daze, was brought to Geng Di and before he could figure out the current situation, he received two tight slaps on his face.

“Trash! Youre a piece of trash that is unable to accomplish anything but spoil everything!”

Qu Rui blanked out from the slap.

He caressed his cheeks and looked at the enraged Geng Di.

He did not understand how he provoked the city lord when he merely had a good nights sleep.

“I… What did I do again” Qu Rui hesitantly asked.

“What did you do You still have the cheek to ask that question Did you not mention that Shen Yanxiao from Sun Never Sets only had two mythical beasts” Geng Di was extremely furious as he pointed at Qu Ruis nose and shouted.

“Thats right.” Qu Rui honestly nodded.

Wasnt that something you already knew

As a result, the moment he replied, Geng Di gave him a kick and sent him flying!

“Do you think Im blind How are there only two There are clearly eight mythical beasts! Why the f*ck did you tell me there are only two!” Geng Di had always been a cautious man.

If not for the fact that he believed in Qu Ruis information, how could he have easily underestimated Shen Yanxiao

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