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Chapter 658: The Might of Eight Mythical Beasts (5)

Qu Rui was one sidedly beaten to the extent that he had no chances of fighting back.

To add to his despair, he did not even know why he was getting beaten up.

He had indeed only seen two mythical beasts at that time, so how could there suddenly be eight

Geng Di grabbed onto Qu Ruis ears and lifted him.

He roared angrily, “Do you know because of your misinformation, we provoked Shen Yanxiao! While you were sleeping on your a*s, she personally led eight mythical beasts to my city to show her power! Do you know the concept of eight mythical beasts! Your father cant even protect you now that youve provoked a killing god!

Qu Rui was immediately flustered.

He was a second-generation young master who relied on his ancestors virtue to enjoy a good life.

He had never imagined he would provoke anyone that even his father could not settle.

However, when he saw Geng Di who always had a calm disposition getting enraged like that, he finally realized that he might have really provoked a character he could not afford to offend.

“City lord… I honestly had no idea.

At that time, I only saw her summoning two mythical beasts.” Qu Rui quickly climbed on Geng Dis leg and hugged his thigh while snivelling his snot.

He merely thought that she was beautiful, so he started to have designs on her.

However, who would have imagined that the little beauty possessed such a terrifying background

“What use is there to claim that youre unaware now!” Geng Di had a splitting headache.

Qu Rui had a certain degree of responsibility for this incident, but another part of it was because he himself had underestimated the enemy.

For a long time, there were many geniuses and elites who came and left the Forsaken Land.

However, there were only a few that could establish a foundation here.

A large number of elites from the Longxuan Empire had advanced with confidence but always ended returning in defeat.

Therefore, Geng Di had subconsciously regarded them as failures and felt that having two mythical beasts was already unimaginable.

How could he have imagined that Shen Yanxiao possessed all the mythical beasts in the Longxuan Empire

“Drag him away.” The more he looked at Qu Rui, the angrier he felt.

He now wished for him to get away from his sight.

The situation had already developed to this current state so it was too late for regrets now, and for Shen Yanxiao to display her might right in front of his city, she must have already discovered that the men dispatched to hinder her mining teams were from him.

Geng Di dragged his weary body back to his room while his mind was filled with anxiety.

If things were to stop at that, it would be for the best.

However, the words Shen Yanxiao left behind in the end made him feel uneasy.

“You will personally pay a visit after Sun Never Sets is completed Little girl, youre too arrogant.” Geng Di secretly gnashed his teeth.

He was not the only city who had obstructed her team, but Shen Yanxiao made the decision to lead her team to his city to display her might.

It was obvious her intentions were to make an example out of him, and also partially because the other two cities did not go to as extreme as him.

However, Geng Di was currently in a dilemma as he had already formed a feud with Shen Yanxiao.

“Men!” Geng Di rubbed his temples and shouted.

One of his bodyguards immediately entered his bedroom.

“Have those men stationed outside Sun Never Sets to withdraw.

From today onwards, we shall abandon the harassment plan towards their city.” If he still continued messing with her, Shen Yanxiao would most probably kill her way into the Fantasy Devil City with her mythical beasts.

Geng Di honestly had no courage to provoke Shen Yanxiao anymore.

Even so, he felt somewhat unwilling to give up on that huge chunk of meat in the eastern area.

After much thought, Geng Di stood up and went to his table.

He then rolled up his sleeves and wrote a letter.

“Arrange for someone to send this letter to my father as fast as possible.

Remember, it must be quick.” Geng Di ordered.

“I understand.”

After the bodyguard retreated, Geng Di took a deep breath.

He came to realize that the Shen Yanxiao whom he had never met was absolutely not someone easy to deal with.

She might very possibly be the most difficult representative the Longxuan Empire had sent in a century.

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