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Chapter 666: Are You a Monkey Someone Invited (1)

The Vermilion Bird who stood behind Shen Yanxiao felt like giving him two tight slaps when Li Qi asked the obvious.

Is that idiot stupid or what

Did you not hear Master introducing herself So why are you asking again

Do you have a screw loose in your head

Shen Yanxiao smiled and answered in a well-mannered tone, “Thats me.”

Li Qi snorted and said, “I am the special envoy, Li Qi.

This is Your Highness, Long Yue, and this is the state teacher of our country, lord Pei Yuan.”

Shen Yanxiao raised her brow.

What was that old man thinking Sending an envoy alone wasnt enough so he even squeezed in his son and the state teacher here Shen Yanxiao maintained a smile on the surface and said, “Welcome, Your Highness and the state teacher.”

Pei Yuan slightly nodded, giving off the aura of an expert.

As for Long Yue, his gaze had never shifted away from Shen Yanxiaos face from the moment she appeared before him.

He had seen no lack of beautiful women throughout his days in the palace, but he had never seen a woman as gorgeous as Shen Yanxiao.

For a moment, he became somewhat infatuated.

“Shen Yanxiao, you evidently knew that the envoy would be arriving.

So, why didnt you send men to welcome us Instead, you made us wait for you here!” The moment he saw her, Li Qi immediately revealed a black face.

Even though she was from the Vermilion Bird Family, they were not officials in the country.

Li Qi indeed had some reservations at first, but since the Emperor did not give her the slightest respect, it was natural that he did not care for Shen Yanxiaos status as well.

The other party was merely an ignorant kid so there was nothing wrong with making an example out of her.

In Li Qis opinion, Shen Yanxiao ought to have brought a lot of fanfare to welcome their arrival to the city.

However, there was not the slightest decoration in sight.

It was evident that they did not regard them as of any importance!

“Oh, my bad, that was inconsiderate of me.” Shen Yanxiaos temper was oddly good today, even during instances when the Vermilion Bird believed she would explode, she still maintained a smile and a neutral tone of voice.

The Vermilion Bird had even suspected whether this girl was his master.

When has his master ever had this good of a temper

“Hmph, inconsiderate Thats not the only thing youve been inconsiderate of.

Let me ask you, are the city walls built from obsidian” Ever since he saw the city walls, it had always been on the back of his mind.

The surface area of the city was rather large so the amount of obsidian used on the walls should be a terrifying number.

“Thats right.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“How dare you use obsidian stone on your own accord to build the city walls” Li Qi rudely scolded.

“Do you know that every single plant and tree in the eastern area of the Forsaken Land belongs to the Emperor You are required to report and obtain permission from the Emperor to even use any of the resources here.

However, you have done none of that and you even egregiously wasted so much obsidian to build the city walls! Do you know how much resources of the Longxuan Empire you have wasted!”

Li Qi was filled with indignation and heartache, as if Shen Yanxiaos extravagance was unbearable.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and looked at the furious Li Qi.

Even though she was smiling, it did not reach her eyes.

As for the mercenaries who eavesdropped as they stood on the city wall, they could not believe there was such an unreasonable man in the world.

What did he mean by all the resources in the eastern area belonged to the Longxuan Empire

What did he mean by having to report if she wanted to use any resource

Was that idiot a monkey someone invited

The Longxuan Empire wished to obtain the resources in the Forsaken Land without their city lord What a joke! Not to mention mining these resources, they would probably be eaten by the demons if they were to step foot here!

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