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All the members of the Vermilion Bird Family had gathered in the main house of their estate.

Shen Feng sat in the main chair, and his usually imposing face revealed slight nervousness.

“What did those at the gates say Have they spotted the carriages yet” Shen Feng frowned as he questioned Shen Ling.

Two days ago, he received news from the God Realm that the group that headed toward the Lava Valley were on their way back.

Apart from that brief information, the God Realms envoys did not reveal anything else.

That was why the entire Vermilion Bird Family were in a state of nervousness for the past two days.

Everyone knew that if the sage managed to awaken the Vermilion Bird, then it was certain that one of the four disciples who went with him would sign a contract with it.

They were very nervous because no one knew if the sage was successful in his bid to awaken the Vermilion Bird.

After all, the Vermilion Bird had been asleep for a hundred years, and none of them knew for sure if the sage could truly do it.

After they received news from the God Realm, Shen Feng immediately dispatched men to keep watch at the city gates every day.

He wanted to ensure that any news about the group would reach them at the first instance.

A hundred years.

It had been more than a hundred years since the Vermilion Bird Family lost the Vermilion Bird.

A hundred years later, they had the chance to get the Vermilion Bird back in their family once again, and that was extremely important for them.

Every minute and second of the wait seemed exceptionally long.

Shen Ling said, “Theres no news yet, but according to estimations, they should be back soon.

Father, dont be too anxious.

The gods will bless our Vermilion Bird Family, and this trip will definitely be successful.”

Shen Feng sighed.

He was someone who had one foot in his grave, and if they could not awaken the Vermilion Bird, he knew that he would not have a chance to meet the mythical beast in his lifetime.

The main house was completely silent, and everyone was as anxious as Shen Feng.

Suddenly, an attendant with a hurried expression ran toward the main house.

Shen Ling identified him as the attendant that he had dispatched to keep watch at the city gates.

“Reporting to the Family Head! Theyve returned! Our familys carriages have returned!” That attendant exclaimed excitedly.

Shen Fengs expression jolted, and his hands trembled as he grabbed the arms on his chair.

“Quick, follow me to welcome the sage!” Shen Fengs tone had slightly changed due to his excitement as he quickly stood up and ordered the rest of the Family to rush toward the gates.

Seven to eight carriages uniformly stopped in front of the gates, and the sage took the lead to get down.

A gentle smile was seen on his face as he looked toward Shen Feng who had led everyone to welcome them.

“Weve troubled you, sage.

Please, come in and rest!” Shen Feng managed to keep his calm as he knew that he had to maintain his respect for the sage.

“Im glad that I hadnt failed your task.

Congratulations.” The sage smiled and announced the good news that everyone had waited for.

The Vermilion Bird was truly awakened!

All the Vermilion Bird Familys members gasped when the sage delivered the news.

It was not easy for other people to understand just how vital the Vermilion Bird was to them, and the pleasant surprise filled their hearts with joy.

They tried to reign in their excitement out of respect for the sage, but their labored breathing betrayed their thoughts.

They were thrilled that they could meet the Vermilion Bird in their lifetime!

It was something that all the family members had yearned for day and night!

Shen Feng nearly wept with joy.

He nodded as he was choked with emotions while he stared intently at the few carriages behind the sage.

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