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Chapter 681: Control the Emperor and Command the Nobles (4)

“You may think that I am being reckless about this matter.

But the fact is, sending a punitive expedition against me, however it may be, will result in nothing.

I dont think the Emperor will or can do anything against me when I have enough power to compete against the armies of the Longxuan Empire.

However, since that is not the case now, I have to leverage external forces.

That being said, once I grow strong enough, anyone that means ill will to me will have to carefully consider their own abilities.”

“For instance, when I first arrived at the Forsaken Land, I saw how those from the Blue Moon Dynasty were robbing the resources in the eastern region that belongs to the Longxuan Empire.

Those people knew no shame about their behavior.

Rather, they exploited the weak grasp of the Forsaken Land the Longxuan Empire had.

Plus, look at the road the Longxuan Empire is going down; it is clearly going down the road of the weak.

I believe the Emperor is very aware about how our forces are being bullied inside the Forsaken Land.

However, the Emperor has no choice but to exercise forbearance and let the other three countries rob their resources because the Longxuan Empire no longer has the power to contend against the other three countries.”

“When the powerful are around, the weak have no rights.

All in all, I must build a strong force that belongs to me, so strong that even when I detain the prince and threaten the state teacher, the Emperor will have no courage to turn hostile against me.

By then, what I want is more than him not turning hostile against me, I want him to cozy up to me.” A smile of confidence blossomed around Shen Yanxiaos mouth.

She knew that to stand at the top of the world, she must have enough strength to step on the people at the bottom to ascend to the peak.

The five beasts heard Shen Yanxiao out in surprise.

They could finally see that Shen Yanxiao did not do this because of a lack of consideration.

It was rather just what she considered was beyond what they could envision.

What kind of powerful strength and will were in this petite body that could motivate her to come up with such unprecedented thoughts

She analyzed the style of the Emperor from the situation at the Forsaken Land.

After considering all the factors, she gained absolute confidence to reverse the course of events.

They had to admit that, as men, they felt humbled to her grand display of courage and foresight.

“You… you never cease to surprise me.

As your friend, I will support you no matter what you have planned for the future.” Yang Xi calmed himself down from his shock and remarked with sincerity.

“In the future, regardless of the difficulties you will face, we from the Phantom will never leave you alone.

You are free to just do as you wish,” Yan Yu said with a smile.

His worries had dispersed after Shen Yanxiaos statement.

If a girl that was still so young could deliver such courageous words, so as men, they could not fall too far behind.

“Xiaoxiao, I have been thinking that if you were a man, I am afraid that you would eventually control every inch of the world.

If you were a man, the Brilliance Continent would have another fierce and powerful figure.” Qi Xia had to praise Shen Yanxiaos courage.

She was visionary and thoughtful.

She was confident, confident enough to go through her plans to stand at the top.

People would rarely achieve anything if they did not have the confidence to do so.

“A man A woman Why cant I do things that a man is capable of In any case, it is not that I am unable, it is that I am unwilling.

I am not interested in ruling the world.

I just wish that no one can point their fingers at me so I can just live in freedom and peace.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

Never had she thought that women were weaker than men.

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