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Chapter 686: This Is Your Party (1)

The underground city was in a state of complete darkness, as if it was midnight, but the night sky was dotted with shining stars, surrounding the bright moon that was shining in the sky.

This sight was as beautiful as the night sky.

If it was not for the fact that she knew she was underground and that it was in the day outside, Shen Yanxiao would have been convinced that she was standing under the starry sky.

The stars were flickering above her head.

It was as if she could reach out and harvest the stars.

“Do you like it” There was a trace of affection and happiness in Qi Xias voice.

Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth but could not utter a single word.

Since she had arrived at the Forsaken Land, dark clouds were the only thing hanging above her head.

She could not even remember how long it had been since she saw a starry sky.

“Xiaoxiao, happy birthday,” Qi Xia whispered to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

Then, for a moment, she fell into a trance.

“City lord, happy birthday!” Many people stepped out from the darkness with each one of them holding a glistening light crystal in their hands.

In this dark underground space, the light crystals in their hands were like fallen stars.

Tang Nazhi, Yan Yu, Yang Xi, and Li Xiaowei were the four that stood in front of the crowd.

The light crystals were exceptionally glaring in their hands.

They stepped towards Shen Yanxiao and sprinkled the light crystals around.

Strands of starlight spread in every direction, making it as beautiful as the Milky Way.

“You…” Shen Yanxiao was surprised and delighted.

She would never expect that she was stepping into such a scene.

“Hey, silly, how can you forget your birthday Thank god we remembered it.

Or else, you will never recall that today is your fourteenth birthday.” Tang Nazhi rubbed Shen Yanxiaos head.

“How did you do that” Shen Yanxiao raised her head and gazed at the underground world that was as stunning as the starry night.

“We used light crystals which have been processed by Yang Xi, making them brighter within a smaller range.

What you see is the result of days of our hard work.” Yan Yu smiled and answered Shen Yanxiaos question.

The light of the light crystals was hard to manipulate.

There were over ten thousand light crystals high above.

Normally, the underground world would be brightly lit up by the thousands of light crystals.

However, with Yang Xis help, the brightness of the light crystals had been greatly reduced.

While the light crystals were glistening charmingly, they would not light up the whole area around it.

Shen Yanxiao could not imagine how much effort they must have put in to create a starry night sky for her.

She now finally understood why people in the city had been so secretive in their actions recently.

It turned out that they had been privately preparing for her birthday.

During the day, they were busy building the city.

They only had time to make the tens of thousands of light crystals in the dark of the night.

They had to install those light crystals on the ceiling as well.

Realizing how much thought and effort they had put in, Shen Yanxiaos heart was filled with warmth.

To create this scene for her, they must have had very little time to rest during the past few days.

They created this magnificent scene for her regardless of the troubles.

“Thank you.” Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath, as a lump had appeared at the back of her throat.

In her previous life, she was an orphan.

She did not know when she was born.

She had no idea when was her birthday, not to mention to celebrate it.

She had gotten used to a life without a birthday.

She could never imagine that there would be people that cared about her birthday other than herself.

This was the first and the most unforgettable birthday that Shen Yanxiao had celebrated in her two lifetimes.

“I am glad you like it.

Our troubles are worthwhile.” They had to try every means to avoid Shen Yanxiao so that she would not stumble across this surprise before it was ready.

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