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Chapter 687: This Is Your Party (2)

Fearing that they would inadvertently blurt out the secret, everyone had been using all their mind power to come up with awkward excuses.

The five beasts could handle this better, but finding all kinds of excuses almost killed those socially-inept mercenaries.

“City lord, please ignore what we said before.

We… had no other choice.” Those mercenaries were embarrassed.

They wished they could slap themselves to death on the thought of the excuses they had made.

They had just randomly blurted out excuses when they were out of their wits!

“Yes, it was all in good health.”

“Also, I dont have a wife yet…”

Shen Yanxiao was between smiles and tears when she heard those explanations but most of all, she felt moved.

For this surprise, all the demons and humans in Sun Never Sets were mobilized.

Even Pei Yuan and Long Yue were dragged here to make up the numbers.

The two had become used to living with demons.

They were not uncomfortable anymore in the demons underground city.

The soldiers that came from the capital were fed with knockout drugs by Qi Xia and the others early in the morning.

Now, those soldiers were stuffed into the many rooms, snoring loudly in their sleep.

“I was dragged here by them.

I just found out about this…” Vermilion Bird squeezed himself out from the crowd.

He had been waiting for Shen Yanxiao in the city lords mansion when he was suddenly taken here by the five beasts.

He only found out that they were preparing for Shen Yanxiaos birthday when he arrived here.

He found it frustrating that he, the mythical beast, had no idea that today was his masters birthday.

This was such a shame.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and rubbed Vermilion Birds little head.

“There is more.” Qi Xia patted Shen Yanxiaos shoulder and pointed to the man-made starry night.

Shen Yanxiao looked up.

The mythical beasts had been getting ready on the side.

They waved their hands and generated resplendent light.

In an instant, gorgeous fireworks flashed past the “night sky”, followed by blossoms of light of colorful magical powers.

The sparkles of the magical powers were like multicolored fireworks falling with the starlight.

“Today is your fourteenth birthday.

From today on, we will celebrate your birthday every year with you.” Qi Xia bent over and kissed Shen Yanxiao on her porcelain cheek.

The other four beasts took the liberty and each kissed her as well.

“This will be a reward for us.” Qi Xia laughed a wicked laugh.

Shen Yanxiao covered up her face.

She did not know whether to cry or laugh as she looked at these adorable and annoying guys.

She had no regrets in her life with such a group of friends.

“I heard that in the distant Luna Continent that when the elves celebrate their birthdays, they will dance under the starry night.

I wonder if I can have the privilege to invite our birthday girl for the first dance tonight.” Gracefully, Qi Xia stepped back, bowed, and reached out his hand towards Shen Yanxiao.

Melodious music sounded out, echoing in the ears of all.

“I dont know how to dance but I will say yes if you are not afraid of me stepping on your feet.” Shen Yanxiao laid her hand on the hand in front of her.

Under the “night sky”, the beautiful boy and the charming girl danced charmingly to the rhythm of the songs.

Everyone else stepped to the side, leaving the floor to them.

Like a true aristocrat, Qi Xia gently and elegantly led Shen Yanxiao in their dance.

Shen Yanxiao turned around skillfully and her hand fell into the grip of another warm hand.

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