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Chapter 688: This Is Your Party (3)

“Let me take it from here.” Unlike the usual days, there was a tender smile on Tang Nazhis handsome face.

He held Shen Yanxiaos soft, delicate hand and pulled this sweet girl away from Qi Xia.

Amid the rise and fall of the music, the five beasts scrambled for Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao was like a butterfly dancing trippingly, spinning from one friend to another.

At the moment, the onlookers hearts were brimming with happiness.

Nobody noticed that a faint mist floated out of the dancing crowd, gradually forming the shape of a slender figure in the “night sky”.

Gazing at happy Shen Yanxiao who was surrounded by the others, the rigid face of Xius seemed to have been softened greatly.

There was a smile in his half-squinted eyes.

He raised his head to look at the carefully prepared night sky.

Then, with a wave of his hand, a subtle touch of mist enveloped the entire underground city.

Hanging high above on the ceiling, the light crystals began to flicker in the dark underground city.

The light would glisten and then fade away, just like real stars.

All of a sudden, a gentle hue was cast over the “moon” that was made of a huge singular light crystal, as if real moonlight was spilling onto the ground.

A gentle breeze sprang up.

Delicate fragrance jumped into peoples noses.

Amid such joyful songs and laughter, all seemed to be the catalysts for joy.

A flash of silver light shot across the sky, just like a shooting star.

The next second, more rays of light began to shine with more “shooting stars” flashing by.

Shen Yanxiao looked up while dancing.

Delight filled her eyes when she saw the shooting stars across the sky.

“Yang Xi is amazing.

How did he create those shooting stars” Shen Yanxiao had never seen a shooting star before.

Only now when she witnessed it with her own eyes did she know how breathtaking it was.

No wonder in her previous life, people would stay up late to wait for the fall of a shooting star.

That fleeting beauty could not be described in any language.

Yan Yu, who was dancing with Shen Yanxiao, was taken aback.

The new highlight that was added to the beauty of the underground city was not their work.

At the very least, they had never successfully created the shooting stars.

“That… is not us.” Yan Yu blinked.

He was just as puzzled.

Shen Yanxiao stood there in confusion when a somewhat cold and refreshing voice echoed in her ears.

“Happy birthday.”


Stunned, Shen Yanxiao looked around.

This voice did not come from her hearts lake, but her ears, which implied that Xiu had come out from her body.

The pair of shining clear eyes were looking around her surroundings.

Finally, she saw a vague figure on the “moon”.

It was Xiu.

A trace of a smile climbed into Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

She had thought that Xiu was away from worldly pleasures.

She would never expect that Xiu would join in the celebration of her birthday.

Staring at that vague figure, she moved her lips but made no sound.

Xiu knew that she was saying thank you.

“The human mind, indeed, is the most elusive of all.

Humans are willing to pay an unequal price for these temporary beauties.” Xiu looked at the underground city.

There was no trace of contempt on his cold face.

Fixing his eyes on the little girl smiling in the crowd, Xiu raised his eyebrows.

“But the outcome is good.”

Xiu pointed the tip of his finger to the beautiful shooting stars and waved his hand.

The thousands of light crystals hanging above came together at once and gradually converged in the “night sky”.

Slowly, the image of a pretty figure came into being.

Everyone looked up to see this unusual situation.

In the darkness, the figure that was depicted by the light crystals was dancing.

It was a reflection of Shen Yanxiao!

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