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Chapter 694: Ouyang Huanyu (6)

“Principal, thank you.” Shen Yanxiao knew she must be careful with her replies.

Eloquent as Ouyang Huanyu was, he could easily shift the conversation into a strange direction if she was careless.

“Well, you and I are both from Saint Laurent Academy.

You dont have to thank me for doing what I should.

If you need any help in the Forsaken Land, I am willing to offer my trifling service.” There was no change in Ouyang Huanyus expression, but inside, he was exclaiming how calm and prudent Shen Yanxiao was.

He had been rather earnest, and yet she had not extended any gratefulness.

“Warlocks have a difficult life.

Back in my days, Warlocks of the Brilliance Continent had suffered from unjustified persecution.

Many of those Warlocks have done nothing to deserve such treatment.

The fortunate thing is that many of them have escaped from such deep scrutiny.

The unfortunate side is that considering the situation of the Brilliance Continent nowadays, for the moment, they rarely can reveal their identities in public.” At the mention of Warlocks, obvious signs of pity could be seen on Ouyang Huanyus face.

“At the moment, you are in the teeth of the storm and under tremendous pressure.

But I believe the Warlocks in hiding must be proud of you.

If one day you can gather those poor fellows and lead them to see the light of day again, that would shake the entire continent.”

Gathering the Warlocks Shen Yanxiao frowned.

Ouyang Huanyu leaked a piece of information from his statements.

Apart from Yun Qi, Ouyang Huanyu knew of other Warlocks.

He had rambled so much to her, but it seemed all of his statements were said after much careful deliberation.

Was he trying to get her to contact those Warlocks

Although it was her wish to allow the Warlocks to stand with the public again, she would never cooperate with someone like Ouyang Huanyu.

Asking a tiger for its skin was dangerous.

“I am but a kid.

I cannot shoulder such a heavy responsibility.

You flatter me, principal.” Shen Yanxiao gave a dismissive answer.

Ouyang Huanyu just kept smiling as he went on, “You are being too humble.

Several Warlock friends of mine were ecstatic to hear stories about you.

They are even hoping to get a chance to meet you.

But, it was a pity that you left Saint Laurent Academy soon after the Inter-academy Tournament and came to the Forsaken Land not long afterwards.

With your busy schedule, they never had the opportunity to meet you.”

Friends of Ouyang Huanyu

Immediately, Shen Yanxiao thought of that mysterious person from that night.

According to what that person had said the other night, he seemed to know of Yun Qi.

Was that person a Warlock as well If so, then that person must want to pull her into continuing their plan by wanting to meet her.

Ouyang Huanyu was smart.

All of his words focused on the current situation Warlocks faced with.

He expressed his pity and indicated that he was willing to lend a helping hand, and nothing else.

It seemed he was sincere in trying to help Warlocks recover their status.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not believe him for even a second.

She trusted that Yun Qi had always been looking forward to the return of Warlocks.

But, Ouyang Huanyu, on the other hand, was not as honest as Yun Qi.

Ouyang Huanyu must be up to no good.

“Really That is such a pity.

I am afraid the construction of Sun Never Sets is at its critical juncture.

For the moment, I cannot free myself.

In the future, if time permits, I will meet them.” Shen Yanxiao declined his offer calmly.

She did not want to be involved with Ouyang Huanyu too much.


I will come to you then.” Ouyang Huanyu did not push her too much, and he immediately stopped.

Ouyang Huanyu finally quieted down, and Shen Yanxiao had no desire to talk to him any longer.

The old and the young gaze at each other in awkward silence.

With no other options, Shen Yanxiao stood up and said, “Let me go and invite State Teacher Pei Yuan and Prince Long Yue here.

Principal Ouyang, you are here under the Emperors order, so it is within reason that this matter takes priority.”

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