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Chapter 697: If I Am the Emperor (3)

“Its him.”

“Come with me and meet him.

But, state teacher, you should know what to say and what to do, right” Shen Yanxiao let out the most crafty and evil smile.

Pei Yuan snorted.

“Dont you worry.

I naturally know what to say.” With the eight mythical beasts here, even in front of Ouyang Huanyu, Pei Yuan would not dare to take any risks to leak any information of their detainment.

“State teacher, you are a clever man, and I like a clever man.” Shen Yanxiao was happy about Pei Yuans answer.

“This way please.” Shen Yanxiao took a step to the side and gestured to her left, laughing.

Pei Yuan darted her a look and stepped forward.

Long Yue followed him closely.

As Long Yue was walking past Shen Yanxiao, he suddenly stopped and fixed his eyes on Shen Yanxiaos delicate face, shyly.

“Shen Yanxiao, can demons on the Brilliance Continent coexist with humans in peace in the future”

Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

She did not expect this question from Long Yue.

Her previous answer was just to satisfy the curiosity of a kid.

But Long Yue appeared to be serious.

He must be truly pondering about her words.

“It is possible.

But I dont know if humans can accept demons even when they show goodwill.

Some hatred and fear are too deep-rooted in the minds of humans, and they cannot be erased overnight.

That being said, I look forward to that day.” If she could see demons everywhere, that would mean that Xiu would be able to recover quickly.

That was Shen Yanxiaos dream!

Long Yue said nothing for a moment.

Then, he looked back at Shen Yanxiao solemnly.

“In the future, once I am the emperor, I will have the people gradually accept demons.” For the sake of her dream, he was willing to take the risk.

Besides, he had already seen it with his own eyes – humans and demons could truly coexist.

Sun Never Sets was the greatest example of that.

Shen Yanxiao giggled lightly as she gazed at this resolute Long Yue.

This shy prince was so adorable, much more interesting than that father of his.

“Oh I will wait for the day when you ascend the throne.

I hope that, with your governance, the Longxuan Empire will prosper and that the people will grow strong and powerful.” She also wished that he could stuff the state treasury with gold coins, so that she could pay a visit there and make a huge fortune.

“Sure!” Decisively, Long Yue nodded.

He set up a lofty ambition for when he declared himself as emperor in the future.

He had no idea what kind of shameless intentions were buried deep in a certain someones words of encouragement.

Soon after, Pei Yuan and Long Yue met Ouyang Huanyu.

To avoid any suspicion, Shen Yanxiao did not stay with them.

She trusted that Pei Yuan would not joke about Long Yues life.

She did not need to worry about Pei Yuan saying something he should not have.

After about an hour, Pei Yuan and Long Yue came out of the room.

Pei Yuan gave Shen Yanxiao a look with many meanings but said nothing and left with Long Yue.

Inside the room, Ouyang Huanyu said to Shen Yanxiao with a smile, “So I see that the state teacher and His Highness have been enjoying their days in Sun Never Sets.

Thats great! Now, I have something to report back to the Emperor when I get back.”

“Thank you, Principal Ouyang.” Shen Yanxiaos mood was greatly improved when she heard Ouyang Huanyu was going back soon.

“However, I wonder when will you head back I need to make arrangements for when you do.

After all, Sun Never Sets is not close to the Longxuan Empire, and I noticed that you only have one horse with you.

Should I prepare you a carriage” Shen Yanxiao said politely, when in fact she was showing him the door.

She did not want this sly old fox to say on her territory for any longer.

Who knew what other tricks he had in his sleeve

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