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Chapter 699: Heinous Plot (2)

“So what.

You cannot persuade Yun Qi.

What makes you think you can convince his student” The black-robed man grinned sarcastically.

“Whether I can convince her or not is not dependent on that.

Currently, she is feared by the Longxuan Empire, but she is far away from the Longxuan Empire to put any political pressure.

But, on the other hand, staying in the Forsaken Land, she is uninhibited.

Moreover, Sun Never Sets is about to take shape.

When Sun Never Sets finally finishes, she will have no more weakness that I can find.” Ouyang Huanyu carefully analyzed Shen Yanxiaos current status.

If Shen Yanxiao was average in her abilities, he would not stop the black-robed man from killing her.

But this girl was amazingly talented.

It had been a long time since Ouyang Huanyu had met someone with such immense talent.

It would be a shame to destroy her right now while she was still a budding flower.

“What do you mean”

“Since she has no weaknesses, we will give her some weaknesses.

With her young age, once she goes through some setbacks, I doubt she could bear them.

By then, I will swoop in and save her out of her misery.

When conditions are ripe, success will come.” There was no trace of despicable intentions on Ouyang Huanyus kind face, and yet his words were scary.

“We will break her wings so that she can only stay in her cage.”

The black-robed man grinned as he gazed at the upright look on Ouyang Huanyus face.

“Ouyang Huanyu, you truly are the No.1 hypocrite in the entire Brilliance Continent.

If your students can see your face now, I doubt they can even recognize you.

The principal they so respected and loved is capable of such sinister plans to plot against his very own student.”

Surprisingly, Ouyang Huanyu was not enraged by those words.

He just looked at the black-robed man calmly.

“How can anyone know my true self Anyways, how are things with you I heard that No.2 is missing from the Graveyard of the Sun.

What is that about”

The mentioning of “No.2” cut short the black-robed mans laughter.

Depressed, he kept his eyes on Ouyang Huanyu and said while grinding his teeth, “It is all because of those good-for-nothing losers.

They had mistakenly put No.2 into the pile of failed products that was soon disposed of.

And now, they lost No.2.

I have already sent people to look for No.2.”

“Losers!” Ouyang Huanyu took a deep breath in.

“How can they misplace test subjects No.2 to No.10 What were they thinking We have devoted so much energy into those nine test subjects.

How can they lose one so easily There is really no need for those idiots to exist anymore.”

“I have taken care of them already.

The test sites at the Graveyard of the Sun have also been destroyed,” the black-robed man replied.

“The most urgent matter at hand is to find No.2! Of the nine test subjects, No.2 and No.4 are the only stable ones.

We cannot afford to lose either one of them at the moment!” There was additional prudence in Ouyang Huanyus tone.

“How is No.4 doing”

“I have sent extra people to No.4, and he is not allowed to leave the base at all.

For now, everything is good.

The other seven test subjects have settled down too.

Nothing like that will be allowed to happen again.” The black-robed man was frustrated.

He was in charge of the scope of operations in the Longxuan Empire.

However, under his supervision, the most precious test subject went missing.

This was an insult to him!

“That would be the best.

Also, send more people to look for No.2.

We cannot let anyone find out his special features.

Again, when you go back, have all the failed products destroyed.

I do not want to see this happen ever again!”

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