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Chapter 700: Heinous Plot (3)

“Of course.” The black-robed man grinded his teeth in frustration.


Now, pay a visit to Fantasy Devil City with me.” Ouyang Huanyu nodded.

For now, he trusted the black-robed mans word.

“Fantasy Devil City What are you going to do over there” The black-robed man was surprised.

“He said the Blue Moon Dynasty has found a new test subject that meets the requirement.

And just recently, he has brought the new test subjects to Fantasy Devil City.

Quickly, put on a disguise and come with me to Fantasy Devil City to take a look at the new test subject.

Lets check if that person can be No.11,” Ouyang Huanyu explained.

“Really” The black-robed man put on a smile.

“A new test subject I wonder what he is like.

It is such a pity that test subject No.1 was ruined back in the day.

Otherwise, No.1 would have been the best.

It is such a shame.

I have never seen anyone else with a constitution so perfect for our requirements! That was our masterpiece!” The black-robed man appeared to be yearning for that past.

Ouyang Huanyu frowned.

“Do not mention test subject No.1.

The consequences of No.1 being ruined were too severe.

If it wasnt for the fact that something went wrong at the final critical moment, I believe our test would have been successful.”

The black-robed man calmed himself down and hid himself back inside the black robe.

The matter of test subject No.1 had always been taboo.

Apart from a very few, the others in the organization did not even know that test subject No.1 ever existed.

No one ever mentioned this either.

One of the reasons was due to the loss of test subject No.1.

But more importantly, it was because, at that time, the final fusion test was carried out with test subject No.1.

However, during that last step, a huge accident happened.

Not only was test subject No.1 ruined, but the key point to the final fusion was also lost.

It was the greatest disaster in the entire organizations history, and they could never recover from that accident!

Even Ouyang Huanyu had turbulent emotions when just talking about test subject No.1.

He was unwilling to talk about this till today.

“Let us not discuss this.

I just hope that the person he picks will not disappoint us,” the black-robed man mumbled.

“Its okay.

Even if he doesnt fit out criteria, I will still pay a visit to Fantasy Devil City.” A grin with malicious intent climbed to Ouyang Huanyus mouth.

“Oh Why”

“Because before I can break the wings of a certain someone, the first thing I have to do is to destroy her favorite toy.

The destruction of Sun Never Sets will be a heavy blow to Shen Yanxiao.

Without Sun Never Sets, she will not be able to stay in the Forsaken Land any longer.

Outside of the Forsaken Land and in the Longxuan Empire, how much disdain and contempt can she withstand just because of her identity as a Warlock No matter how mature she is, she will never be able to get over being looked at as some poop at the bottom of a shoe.” Ouyang Huanyu curled his lips up.

As he gazed at the direction of Sun Never Sets, excitement could obviously be seen in his eyes.

He wanted to see how desperate that proud little girl would be when she fell from the sky.

The stars were the most beautiful when they were on their last legs.

The black-robed man looked at Ouyang Huanyu in shock.

The latters last remark was terrifying.

“You want to put her on the road of ruin”

Ouyang Huanyu grinned.

“I just want to put her on the road she should have been on.

Warlocks are never meant to stay under the sun.

Only with my hands can her talents and abilities be put on full display.

It is too much of a shame to waste them here.”

There was a trace of craziness in Ouyang Huanyus eyes.

The craziness was completely different from what was displayed on his face!

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