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Chapter 702: Undercurrents of Tension (2)

“This is my mentor, Jun Mo.” Pointing to that handsome young man in his twenties, Luo Fan introduced.

Geng Dis eyes glowed.

Jun Mo was the only Great Herbalist of the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Legend had it that Jun Mo was about a hundred years old.

However, this man in front of him appeared to be in his early twenties.

Geng Di would have never thought the young man in front of him was a century-old man.

“Master Jun Mo, forgive me if I have offended you.” Geng Di suppressed his surprise and greeted Jun Mo politely.

The status Jun Mo enjoyed in the Blue Moon Dynasty was second to none.

He had no title of nobility, but he still held great sway in politics as he was the herbalist personally employed by the emperor.

It was said that all the powerful figures in the Blue Moon Dynasty that had gathered some fame were connected to Jun Mo, one way or another.

To befriend Jun Mo was essentially befriending all the powerful figures retired from society.

Even Geng Di could not afford to offend this Great Herbalist.

“And they are” The contempt Geng Di held was gone the moment he was introduced to Jun Mo.

Although Luo Fan had become useless, he still had a mentor with strong connections.

Geng Di had to cozy up to them no matter what.

Luo Fan smiled as he made the introduction, “This is my friend, Shangguan Xiao, and that is his mentor, Master Pu Lisi.

Master Pu Lisi was the Division Head of the Herbalist Division of Saint Laurent Academy in the Longxuan Empire.

But he now has decided to apply for citizenship in the Blue Moon Dynasty instead.”

“Master Pu Lisi, I have heard so much about you!” The Longxuan Empire was in its declining years.

That being said, they still had a rich heritage and an abundance of resources.

Some of the Great Herbalists from the Longxuan Empire were highly renowned all around the entire Brilliance Continent.

The name of Master Pu Lisi could be heard at every corner of the continent.

The arrival of the two Great Herbalists excited Geng Di greatly.

His father was a duke, but at the very best, he could only invite advanced herbalists.

Great Herbalists were out of his league.

So naturally, Geng Di would be thrilled by the fact that two heavyweight herbalists had come to him.

“Please, take a seat!” Geng Di said politely.

He told his servants to serve the guests with the best tea he had immediately.

“City lord, we are more than honored to be invited to Fantasy Devil City by the duke.

But I do have one thing I want to seek confirmation from you, city lord.

Please enlighten me with the truth.” Luo Fan said.

“Do tell.

If I know the answer, I will say all I know without reserve.” Geng Li was quite clear how difficult it was to solicit Great Herbalists.

Back in the day when he had just received the right for a piece of land in the Forsaken Land, his father provided him with a lot of support and hired many talents for him at a great cost.

Jun Mo was on the list of people that Geng Dis father was planning to hire.

Unfortunately, no matter how precious the gifts were or how enticing the promises were, Jun Mo could not be moved at all.

Plus, Luo Fan was only here to simply ask him a question.

Geng Di would accept the task without the slightest hesitation even if he was told to commit murder and arson.

Luo Fan gave Jun Mo a look and continued after Jun Mo gave his permission.

“City lord, what is the name of the person the Longxuan Empire has sent to the Forsaken Land”

Geng Di was confused by the question.

Puzzled, he answered with a question, “Do you mean Shen Yanxiao, the City Lord of Sun Never Sets”

“Shen Yanxiao Is she from the Vermilion Bird Family” There was a trace of hatred that flashed past Luo Fans eyes when he heard of Shen Yanxiaos name.

“Yes, she is.

I wonder, Brother Luo, why you have mentioned her” Geng Di inquired.

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