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Chapter 707: Fifth Level of Seal (1)

At Sun Never Sets, people were still busy with their daily life.

The construction of the city was soon coming to an end.

Everyones heart was filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

At the moment, Shen Yanxiao was planning the future development of Sun Never Sets with the five beasts in her mansion.

“After the city is complete, our first priority is to attract merchants to come here.

However, for the trade caravans to safely cross the Forsaken Land, Xiaoxiao, you need to make sure of security measures along the way.” As the economic minister, Qi Xias focus was on the future prosperity of Sun Never Sets.

Only by opening up the path between Sun Never Sets and the Longxuan Empire could they turn the resources of the Forsaken Land into true wealth.

Otherwise, the resources piling up here would only be a pile of garbage.

“You dont have to worry about security.

Recently, a large number of demons have surrendered to Sun Never Sets.

Before we open up the trade route, I will take Jia Lan and the other advanced demons with me to gather all the advanced demons in the area.

They will then each command the demons in their areas.

I promise you that you will not hear of any incidents of demons hurting humans in the eastern region of the Forsaken Land.” Demons, which could pose as the biggest problem to any other people, had become the easiest thing to sort out.

The three plants were growing quite fast in the underground magic array, and many more plants had been cultivated.

The dark elements they produced could meet the demands of all the demons in the eastern region.

“The problem with the demons is easily fixed.

But how can we lure those profit-seeking merchants to the Forsaken Land For all I know, merchants of the Longxuan Empire fear the Forsaken Land.

Whether they are willing to come out here or not is an issue.

Qi Xia, your family has so many stores.

Cant you just grab some and move them here” Tang Nazhi asked, trying to boast about his intelligence.

Qi Xia shrugged and answered with his lazy voice.

“I am fine with it.

However, if we rely on the Qilin Family, Sun Never Sets will not be Xiaoxiaos territory.

I am afraid that someone is going to beat me up if I monopolize all the resources.”

Shen Yanxiao rolled her eyes at Qi Xia.

She knew he was merely joking.

The Qilin Family had strong economic powers.

That being said, she aimed to open up to all the merchants in the Longxuan Empire.

Relying on the Qilin Family alone was far from enough.

“As a matter of fact, Tang Nazhi had touched upon the key issue here.

Merchants seek nothing but profit.

They will not be able to resist the urge to come even if they are aware of the risks when we display the huge profit potential in front of them.” As an unscrupulous merchant himself, Qi Xia knew very well about the very nature of merchants.

“As long as we can provide quality merchandise, I am convinced that merchants will come.

The mineral products of the Forsaken Land are a huge lure.

But for them to understand the profit potential here, the first thing we need to do is to let them come here.

As for this issue, I have an idea.

We can set up an auction house in Sun Never Sets and present rare treasures of the world.

Naturally, this will attract some groups.

Then, we will have people promote it for us for free.” Qi Xia soon came up with a good idea.

No wonder he was a genius in business.

“That is easy.

The Century-old Spirit Weapon is about to be completed.

I can discuss with my father about selling the Century-old Spirit Weapon at the auction house in Sun Never Sets.

Plus, my father is an adrenaline-junkie.

Opening up an auction house on the territory of demons is thrilling enough.

I am sure he will like it!” Yang Xi proposed an idea that involved his father.

He felt no shame in proposing this evil plan.

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