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Chapter 711: I Hate the Good-Looks Club (2)

Xiu narrowed his golden eyes and looked at a certain little brat who pretended to be calm and yet, her expression exposed her inner thoughts.

He then crossed his hands and said, “Are you done with your thoughts”

“Ah” Shen Yanxiao blanked out momentarily.

“After youre done, I will start now.

I dont have much time left.” The amount of strength he recovered was insufficient for him to manifest outside in a physical state for long periods.

The unsealing of the fifth seal was already complicated, and to avoid any accidents from happening, he had to appear in his physical form.

However, this little brat was acting weird.

Additionally, he could sense that her emotional state was greatly fluctuating.

“Oh, yes Im prepared!” Shen Yanxiao immediately pulled back her drifting thoughts.

She was sure that the cause of her strange behavior today was the appearance of a certain someones physical form.

In her heart, there was a really strange feeling.

Following which, she revealed an expression as if she was prepared to face death with no regrets.

Xiu revealed an imperceptible smile in his eyes as soon as he saw her expression, which looked quite cute to him.

He gracefully raised his hand and a cloud of halo condensed in his palms.

If Shen Yanxiao had her eyes open at that moment, she would notice that the halo in his hand was rather unusual, with light and darkness seemingly blending together.

Within the center of the halo, traces of black aura continuously surged out.

The light and darkness continued to interweave on his palms as it clashed against each other to form an odd orb.

With his fingers raised, he held onto the orb and pressed it against Shen Yanxiaos forehead.

The orb instantly scattered into stars and slowly covered Shen Yanxiao from top to bottom.

A twinkling light mixed with dark fog encircled around her and gradually covered all her skin before gradually penetrating inside.

Shen Yanxiaos eyebrows slightly furrowed, and sparkling beads of sweat started to drip down.

This time, Xiu did not seal her perception as he had realized that the fifth seal was entirely different from the previous seals.

If he were to seal her perception, it was highly likely that she might lose all her five senses.

However, in a state where all her five senses were working, the pain of undoing the seal could drive her crazy.

Her rosy cheeks instantly paled and her slender fingers were tightly clenched.

She bit on her lips in an attempt to restrain the urge to shout and yet, the excruciating pain came down in unrelenting waves.

When he saw Shen Yanxiaos expression getting more and more distorted, Xiu slightly frowned and one of his hands slowly moved.

As his hand moved gracefully in the air, a faint white light flowed out and slowly circled around her.

That was his healing power, which could temporarily relieve the pain she was feeling.

After the pain slightly lessened, Shen Yanxiaos breathing gradually became more stable.

As the light covering her body got increasingly blinding, the massive light thoroughly covered her in an instant.

The powerful impact seemed to have crushed her bones into powder, and as this pain was peaking to the point where she could barely hold on, a low murmur leaked from her lips

In the blink of an eye, as the light faded away, she plopped onto the bed, and on her deathly pale face, her lips could be seen trembling.

Moreover, her clothes and the mattress had been thoroughly soaked in sweat.

Xiu did not make any attempt to support her, because the instant Shen Yanxiao appeared from the light, he was frozen in shock.

“Why is this…” His golden eyes that seemed as cold as the winter revealed a trace of surprise, something that was rarely seen in a hundred years.

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