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Chapter 713: How Am I Not A Human (1)

“You mean that Im not human” Shen Yanxiao found it hard to digest this news that had just flipped what she had believed for her whole life.

She had been a human for two lifetimes but all of a sudden, she was told that she was not human…

It was impossible to remain calm!

“No, you still possess human characteristics but right now, some characteristics that uniquely belong to elves have suddenly appeared in you.

In a sense, you are still part human.” Xiu used his extremely calm tone of voice to make a conclusion that almost made her go crazy.

“How can I possibly be an elf My parents are human.” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

She recalled having seen a painting of her parents, and that handsome and beautiful couple looked very much like normal humans.

Moreover, her appearance was similar to them which eliminated the possibility that she was adopted.

“I am still unsure right now, but based on the situation when I had removed your seal yesterday, the bloodline of the elves in your body would surge out as we continue to undo the following seals.

It is very likely that as the last seal gets undone, you might turn into an elf,” Xiu thoughtfully said.

Turn into an elf

Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched.

Just yesterday, she was still a human and over one night, she was now a half human.

Not only that, she would completely deviate from being a human if she continued to undo the seals!

She sat on the chair as her brain continuously spun around.

All sorts of strange thoughts flashed through her mind.

All of a sudden, a question popped up in her mind.

“Xiu, do you think I am the same as Little Feng…” Shen Yanxiao recalled the power of the Dragon race that had appeared in Lan Fengli.

Could it be that she was also artificially reconstructed…

Xiu immediately denied that possibility.

“No, the characteristics of the Dragon race in Lan Fengli was forcefully added, and even though it had merged together, it can be seen that those characteristics were artificially added.

However, the bloodline of the elves in your body is pure with no signs of clashes or rejection.”

The only other possibility had been crossed out so Shen Yanxiao was now at a loss.

The sudden changes had taken her by surprise.

“Another possibility still exists.” Xiu suddenly spoke.


“One of your parents is an elf, or they possess a partial elf bloodline.”

“A human and an elf can give birth to a child” Shen Yanxiao found it unbelievable.

Elves were a proud race, and the aloof elves seldomly came into contact with humans.

From their point of view, humans were greedy and dirty and therefore, they despised companionship with humans.

Xiu hesitated for a moment before replying, “All races possess the ability to mate with each other, it just depends on their willingness.

Before gods and devils became extinct, there had been an instance of a god and a devil falling in love and giving birth to a child.”

“A child between a god and a devil” Shen Yanxiao found it hard to believe.

The grudge between the God race and the Devil race was much more terrifying than that of the humans and demons.

Who were those two brave individuals who managed to break through the shackles of their culture and their races, and looked above the grudge between them to carry out such an earth-shaking love story

She subconsciously started to suspect if Xiu was that…

“Im not.” Xiu seemed to have guessed her inner thoughts and shut down her guess.

“I know you are curious.

I promise that after Im fully recovered, I will tell you my identity and where I came from.

I will also keep my promise to bring you around my territory to have a look.”

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