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Chapter 714: How Am I Not A Human (2)

“Alright.” Shen Yanxiao looked forward to that day.

In fact, it didnt matter to her what race Xiu originated from.

In the end, he was her ally – an inseparable ally of hers.

At least before Xiu completely recovers, they would never become enemies.

As her death would mean his ruin.

After that conversation, she was no longer curious about his origin and started to feel depressed about her silver hair.

She could guarantee that if she were to go out like this, it would definitely cause a stir in the city.

She would immediately be surrounded by the humans and demons in her city in mere minutes, like a panda exhibition.

She did not wish to let other people know of her change, as she herself had yet to fully understand the situation.

“Xiu, can you change my hair back to its original color”


The moment he replied, Shen Yanxiao saw her hair gradually turning black and very soon, her headful of silver hair turned black.

Fortunately, Xiu was by her side.

Otherwise, she honestly had no idea how she should face others.

“You mentioned that the characteristics of my elvish bloodline would become more prominent as more seals get undone, right” Shen Yanxiao touched her black hair while in deep thought.

“In theory, yes.”

“If thats the case, help me maintain a human look; at least before I figure out why I have changed.” The only fortunate thing was that she was different from Lan Fengli, as the change did not happen because she had been artificially reconstructed.

However, what was with her elvish bloodline

Within the Vermilion Bird Family, everyone else was normal and Shen Fengs wife, which was her grandmother, was also a normal human.

She did not see any characteristics of any other races on Shen Jiayi, Shen Jiawei and Shen Yifeng.

From that, she could infer that her father was also human.

Could it be that, her mother…

According to Shen Fengs memories, Shen Yanxiaos mother, Wen Ya, was a beautiful and elegant lady.

Her background was not very prominent, but there was a fact that made her suspicious.

Shen Feng once mentioned that after Wen Ya married into the Vermilion Bird Family, she had helped the family earn a huge sum of money with her outstanding herbalism abilities.

At first, Shen Yanxiao thought that her mother was a woman with great talent for herbalism.

However, with the possibility of the elvish bloodline in mind, she thought of another possibility.

The elves in the Lunar Continent were born with the ability to communicate with plants.

As a result, they had a huge advantage in terms of herbalism, and practically every single elf was already a qualified herbalist the moment they were born.

In the Brilliance Continent, Great Herbalists were rare and yet, it was common in the Lunar Continent.

Wen Yas strong talents for herbalism… Could it be due to her elf bloodline

If that was the case, this would explain why she had extraordinary talent in herbalism.

Battle aura and magic had no relations to herbalism, but she was born with talent in herbalism.

Could it be due to the elvish bloodline in her

Shen Yanxiao was in a state of confusion that no one could help her with.

Wen Ya and Shen Yue had passed away more than a dozen years ago and from the looks of it, Shen Feng did not know that little detail about his daughter-in-law.

So right now, Shen Yanxiao was unable to find anyone that could answer her questions.

When she thought of that, Shen Yanxiao was even more curious as to where the Seven Star Moon Seal came from.

It was a seal that only the God race would use on devils, so why did it appear on her when she was a little baby

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