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Chapter 715: Crisis (1)

More and more questions whirled around her mind, similar to a fog that was covering the truth.

Currently, she was searching around in the dark with no leads.

She entered into another dead end.

Just as Shen Yanxiao was deep in thought, someone knocked on the door without warning.

“Xiaoxiao, are you up yet” Tang Nazhis voice sounded from outside the door but strangely, it carried traces of anxiousness.

Shen Yanxiao recovered her senses and when she heard Tang Nazhis anxious tone.

She immediately answered him, “Im up.

What happened”

“Something strange has happened in the city.

Many have fallen ill, but Ah Yu is unable to discern any abnormalities.

Hurry and come out to take a look.

We suspect that someone has poisoned them,” Tang Nazhi hastily said.

“Poison” Shen Yanxiao immediately stood up and quickly wore her shoes and clothes.

Without a care to tidy her hair, she dashed out the room.

“Why did they get poisoned all of a sudden What exactly is going on”

Tang Nazhis expression was rather ugly as he explained, “Im not sure.

But there are many people who felt ill this morning.

Ah Yu had tried using blessings several times but to no avail.

He mentioned that these types of situations would only mean two things.

Either they are poisoned, or… someone has cast a curse on them.”

Shen Yanxiaos expression froze for a second.

The poison was easy to explain, but a curse

Arent Warlocks in the Brilliance Continent more or less all dead

“Bring me there to take a look.” Shen Yanxiao furrowed her brows.

She had to personally see their condition before she could come to a conclusion.

The city was in a state of silence, and the usual bustling crowd was gone.

A large number of citizens felt weak, and there were even more who experienced convulsions and were about to fall into a coma.

With Tang Nazhi in the lead, they arrived at the headquarters of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Currently, nearly hundreds of mercenaries were sitting in the hall with pale complexions.

Their condition was rather strange as their gazes were unfocused while their limbs were powerless.

Occasionally, they would have a series of convulsions.

The condition of Du Lang and the other six wolves were the best out of all of them but even so, they were unable to walk normally.

The energy in their bodies seemed to have been sucked away and their legs were like jelly.

“City lord, youre here.” Du Lang struggled to support himself as he leaned on the chair.

His expression was as pale as a sheet of paper.

Yang Xi was currently at one side checking the condition of other patients.

When Shen Yanxiao arrived, he immediately went over.

“The entire Cave Wolves Mercenary Group is currently down with these symptoms, and Ah Yu has gone other places to help.

However, the effect of his blessings is basically negligible.” Yang Xis expression was rather ugly but fortunately, there were no severe abnormalities.

“Everyone else in the city is in this state” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“With the exception of Jiu Shu and his group of men, everyone else has fallen sick.” Yang Xi nodded and said.

“With the exception of Jiu Shu and his group of men” Shen Yanxiao found it somewhat odd.

She knew clearly their identities and other than Jiu Shu, those villagers had been experimented on.

Right now, everyone in her city had fallen ill and yet, they were perfectly fine

“Are the few of you fine” Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi and Yang Xi as she asked.

“We are alright.

Ordinary things are unable to harm or affect us as we have all signed a contract with a mythical beast.

Therefore, we have their protection.

Even if we were to directly intake poison, we would be perfectly fine,” Yang Xi explained.

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