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Chapter 719: Returning to Saint Laurent Academy (2)

After she put on her disguise, she deliberately changed into her violet robes before pinning a badge of the Archer Division, in hopes of not getting discovered as she infiltrated the academy.

However, when she saw the visitors from all over the country, she suddenly felt that her worries were unfounded.

Even if she were to openly walk around in the academy, not to mention arousing suspicion, even the visitors would not spare a single glance at her.

While she felt that the situation was odd, she calmly walked towards the entrance of the Warlock Division.

However, the crowd of visitors gawking by the entrance was blocking the way.

Not to mention entering, it was extremely difficult to even take a step forward.

Just as she intended to sneak in through another route, a delicate girl rushed to her side breathlessly.

On her white petite face, a few freckles could be seen, and the little girls shining eyes stared at her intensely.

Shen Yanxiao blanked out for a moment.

She couldnt manage to respond in time.

“Hey student! Youre from the Archer Division, right! Am! I! Right!” The young lady was very excited.

Her shining green eyes looked like an evil wolf that was looking at its dinner.

Shen Yanxiao recovered her senses and hestinatingly nodded.

“Oh, thats great! I have some things regarding the Warlock Division I would like to ask you about,” the young lady smiled as she said.

Thats… great

Could someone tell her why she, as a student from the Archer Division, was getting questioned by someone regarding the Warlock Division Shen Yanxiao could feel that her brain was getting short circuited.

“Im from the Archer Division.” Shen Yanxiao felt the need to remind this young lady of her identity.

“I know.” The young lady had an expression ofwhat are you on about and continued, “Then, do you know the teacher of Shen Yanxiao, the champion of this years Inter-academy tournament”

What Shen Yanxiao could not understand her logic.

She had already told her that she was from the Archer Division, so why was she still asking her about the Warlock Division!

“I honestly have no idea.” Shen Yanxiao forcefully suppressed her lips from twitching.

“Student, please dont be so stingy.

The Archer Division and the Warlock Division are so nearby so your relationship must be inseparable.

You can reveal some insider information about the teacher of the Warlock Division for an innocent girl like me, right Dont worry, I wont tell anyone else!” The young lady was rather persistent.

Shen Yanxiao very much wanted to pry open her head to see if her brain had properly developed.

Archers belonged to a battle aura profession while Warlocks belonged to the magic profession.

The division of these two professions were far apart.

Also, even if their division was close to each other, how the heck did it make their relationshipinseparable Someone please explain to her!

“Apologies, I really have no clue.” Shen Yanxiao felt an impending headache coming towards her.

She then suddenly realized why there was not a single student near the Warlock Division.

She believed it was because of these curious and nutty visitors grabbing every student in sight to interrogate them.

“Young man! Dont say that.

Just tell me a teeny bit of information will do! I promise you I wont tell anyone! Whats the name of that teacher Is he or she an extremely mysterious teacher What is her relationship with the other teachers here” The young lady was still unrelenting.

It was to the extent Shen Yanxiao had the impulse to blow up.

Just as she was considering whether to knock her unconscious, a middle-aged man came to their side and dragged the chatterbox of a girl away.

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