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Chapter 720: Returning to Saint Laurent Academy (3)

“Meng Meng, thats enough!” The middle-aged man looked at the overly excited young lady with a speechless expression.

He then looked at Shen Yanxiao apologetically and said, “Im sorry that Meng Meng had disturbed you.”

“Uncle! Put me down! I finally caught a living one! And will it kill you to let me just ask” The young ladys weak limbs struggled to resist, but the middle-aged man had a large build so her resistance was of no effect.

What did she mean by… finally caught a living one

The corner of her lips twitched.

“Stop being stubborn.

If your father finds out that you have come here to cause trouble, he will deal with you when you get back.

How many times have I told you that no one practices curses nowadays, and youve seen it here too.

Theres no one inside this last Warlock Division of the Longxuan Empire, so why dont you give up!” The middle-aged man had a helpless expression.

The young lady scrunched her face and said, “No, isnt that Shen Yanxiao a Warlock She had even defeated the other elites from other professions to obtain great victory.

Warlocks are powerful! Their bad reputation is because of you stubborn old folks who continue to spread bad rumors about them.

In my opinion, Warlocks are good! So I want to be a Warlock no matter what, and you can try to break my legs if you are capable of doing so! Otherwise, I will apply for the Warlock Division here next year!”

The young ladys declaration stunned Shen Yanxiao.

It was her first time hearing someone wanting to become a Warlock.

Now that she looked at the pretty young lady, Shen Yanxiao did not feel so annoyed anymore.

“What do you know The bad deeds that those Warlocks had committed in the past is not something a little girl like you will know.

If you dare to become a Warlock, your father will surely break your legs.”

“Come on and break it! Even if my legs are broken, Ill come here in a wheelchair!”


“Haha!” Shen Yanxiao did not know whether to laugh or to cry at the little girls determination.

She had seen pampered children before, but not someone this pampered.

But even so, she was honestly adorable.

“Hey young man, Ill tell you the truth then.

Take a good look at me, Im not a bad person, Im an extremely good person and I want to be schoolmates with you.

Even though you are an Archer and Im a future Warlock, but we are still considered school…” The young lady wanted to continue persuading Shen Yanxiao to divulge some information, but the middle-aged man could no longer take it and covered her chattering mouth.

“My apologies that weve caused you trouble.” The middle-aged man wanted to give himself two tight slaps right now.

How did he get tricked by this lass to bring her here to Saint Laurent Academy He originally believed that she would give up after seeing the desolated Warlock Division, but who knew that she would vow to revitalize the Warlocks That vow alone nearly caused him to faint from shock.

“Its fine.” Her previous annoyance had been completely erased by that young ladys declaration and when she looked at the adorable little girl again, her eyes contained traces of a smile.

At the very least, someone had started to accept Warlocks, right

She believed that there would be more and more people who were like this girl and soon enough, Warlocks would see the light of the day someday in the future.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the young lady before she turned to leave.

She had not forgotten the objective of her trip, as there were still thousands of people who were waiting for her return.

She did not have much spare time to delay.

The young girl looked at the departing back of the student she caught with great difficulty and angrily stomped her feet.

Taking advantage of the fact that the middle-aged man wasnt paying attention, she bit his hands that covered her mouth.

The middle-aged man cried out in pain and released her from his hands.

The young lady then dexterously landed and angrily glared at him.

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