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Chapter 723: Help (2)

“But I shall accompany you to the Forsaken Land to solve this problem.

Even though my strength is little to none, it would not be a problem for me to identify the curse used.

As long as we can identify it, I believe we can easily undo it with both our abilities.

“That is exactly my intention.” Shen Yanxiao finally let out a sigh of relief.

She believed there was no curse that could stumble her as long as she had the help of Yun Qi!

“However, Im afraid I am unable to help in regards to herbalism.” Yun Qi sighed.

The situation in Sun Never Sets was complicated and even if he did undo the curse, the detrimental potion was still another problem.

“Its not a problem, as I am rather confident of this.

I intend to request for Teacher Ye Qings help,” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Ye Qing” Yun Qi nodded.

After he returned to Saint Laurent Academy, Ye Qing came to see him one night.

Both of them did not say much, but they knew in their hearts that they had a common student.

“Ye Qing is a man of integrity and you are also his student.

I believe he will agree to your request.” Shen Yanxiao had considered all the aspects about the situation.

Looking at his student maturing properly, Yun Qi felt proud in his heart.

“Now Ill have trouble teacher to make preparations while I visit teacher Ye Qing.

Hopefully we can rush back to the city in the evening.” Shen Yanxiao had no choice but to rush, as the longer she took, the more suffering her citizens would have to bear.

“I understand, prepare what you need and I will follow your plans.”

Shen Yanxiao remained in the Warlock Division until late in the evening before she left.

The Herbalist and Warlock Divisions were structurally different with the former being more luxurious than the latters rundown buildings.

To get to Ye Qings floor, she had to take the elevator.

However, to get through undetected she had to sneak in late in the evening when all the teachers had left for dinner.

Just when Shen Yanxiao intended to slip into Ye Qings room, Xius voice suddenly sounded by her ear.

“Theres someone here.”

Shen Yanxiao was immediately startled and she nimbly jumped up the beam as she hid herself in the dark

The next second, two familiar silhouettes walked past beneath her.

Luo De nervously looked at the expressionless Ye Qing and hastily said, “Great Master Ye Qing, no matter what, you have to help.

I am unable to contact Shen Jue right now to inform her of this incident, but now that I know of it, I cant possibly look on helplessly as trouble befall on the Vermilion Bird Family.”

Shen Yanxiao, who was hidden above the beam, was surprised by Luo Des words, when suddenly a bad premonition surfaced in her heart.

Trouble happened in the Vermilion Bird Family Whats going on

“I will try to step in, and with my name I believe they will more or less consider my reputation.

The most crucial problem is to stabilize Shen Fengs injuries and to prevent it from worsening.

I will prepare some potions right now and write a letter along with it for you to deliver to the capital.

No matter what, we have to save Shen Feng.” Ye Qings expression was rather ugly and his tone carried traces of anger.

Shen Fengs injuries.

These three words immediately exploded in her mind and without a care for anything, she directly leaped down and appeared before Luo De and Ye Qing.

Both of them were shocked by her appearance and even took a few steps back.

“What happened to my grandfather!” Shen Yanxiao nervously asked as an ominous premonition rose in her heart.

“Shen… Shen Jue” Luo De looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise and doubt.

Ever since Shen Yanxiao obtained the championship, Shen Jue had also disappeared, and based on that Luo De and Ye Qing had more or less guessed her identity.

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