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Chapter 726: Now and Then (1)

“Teacher, please be rest assured.

I know my limits.

Plus, with Vermilion Birds speed, he can soon rush back to me after sending you there.” Shen Yanxiao was determined to head towards the capital.

Plus, now that she knew that her grandfather was in need of help, she could never turn her back on him.

After going through two lives, she had finally gotten a resemblance of a family, and he would forever be her utmost importance.

Ye Qing and Luo Des continuous pleading was of no use, as they understood how stubborn she could be.

As such, Ye Qing could only agree to Shen Yanxiaos arrangements, albeit unwillingly.

“Yun Qi and I will treat the people in Sun Never Sets, but you have to promise to be careful and to not be impulsive,” Ye Qing ordered.

“I understand.” Shen Yanxiaos mind was already back in the capital.

Imagining her grandfather being all alone, she sincerely wished that she could immediately return there, back to the Vermilion Bird Family and crush those two betrayers into pieces.

With the current situation as such, Ye Qing could not say anything else.

When night fell, Ye Qing and Yun Qi disguised themselves with the help of Shen Yanxiao and left the academy.

As she looked at their departing backs as they rode on Vermilion Bird, Shen Yanxiaos gaze turned chilly.

“Xiu, do you know what I cant tolerate the most” Shen Yanxiao stood under the moonlight and looked up at the stars.

“What Hmm”

“I cant tolerate anyone who steps outside their boundaries.

Anyone who thinks that I will do nothing while they continue to mess with my people will have to pay dearly for what they have done.” Shen Yanxiaos voice carried traces of killing intent.

“Then let them know what will happen if they cross your bottom line.”

“I will.”

The capital of the Longxuan Empire was bustling with activity.

There were still a large number of citizens roaming about in the city in the afternoon and the streams of people along with the noisy streets made everything seem full of vitality.

This was the heart of the capital, and those who resided here all had an indescribable sense of pride.

A thin figure stepped into the capital under the scorching sun.

This petite figure did not attract any attention and her unprepossessing appearance basically made her look like an insignificant passer-by when mixed into the crowd.

No one would spare a single glance at an unattractive little brat.

This petite figure cut through the crowd and walked towards the Vermilion Bird Familys estate.

Outside the gates, there were four bodyguards standing guard — everything looked the same at first.

However, this petite figure noticed that the four guards standing outside looked unfamiliar.

“Theyve even changed the guards.

Shen Duan and Shen Yue are rather thorough.” This unprepossessing little brat was Shen Yanxiao in her disguise.

His fifth uncle, Shen Ling, was in-charge of the guards in the family.

Back then, under Shen Fengs orders for Shen Yanxiao to get in contact with the core members of the family, he had gathered all the guards under Shen Lings charge.

However, the four guards before her were complete strangers so evidently, Luo Des information was accurate.

A huge overturn had happened in the Vermilion Bird Family behind the backs of everyone.

As one of the five great aristocratic families of the Longxuan Empire, no one had noticed such a huge internal change.

Just from that, one could tell how inconspicuous Shen Duan and Shen Yue had been in their plans.

“What are your plans” Xiu could sense the fury inside Shen Yanxiaos heart.

It has been a whole week since she left the academy; she had been on the road for seven days and nights before she finally reached the capital.

But even so, the flames of fury in her heart only ever increased

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