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Chapter 730: Hundred Year Spirit Weapon (2)

The Azure Dragon Family was famous for their mastery in forging.

And their most prized product would be the spirit weapon that could only be forged once every century.

The completion of the weapon would attract powerful experts from all over the Brilliance Continent, and the rule of the Azure Dragon was to auction it in an auction house for those interested parties to bid for it.

The highest bidder would then obtain the weapon.

No one had ever dared to request for it.

After all, the might of the weapon was too powerful and basically everyone wished to obtain it.

The Azure Dragons plan was to avoid any families breathing down their necks while obtaining the highest profit for the weapon.

Therefore, Shen Yifengs request was unreasonable in every aspect and god knows how he had the courage to bring that up.

Just as Shen Yanxiao assumed Yang Qiong would kick him out, he merely furrowed his brows and said, “Your teacher wants the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon If my memory serves me right, he should be a Swordsman, and the weapon of this century is not a sword, but a staff.

Even if I were to heed to your request, Im afraid your teacher has no use for it.”

Instead of throwing him out, Yang Qiong had patiently explained to him.

Even though his intent was to refuse, his tone and roundabout way of rejection had been very tactful.

Yang Qiongs reaction was unexpected, greatly surprising Shen Yanxiao.

Yang Xi had mentioned his grandfathers temper and it was said that it was extremely one of a kind.

No kinds of rubbish talk were allowed in his vicinity and he adhered to the beliefs that rules were supreme.

Even when a member of the Azure Dragon Family wanted to go through the backdoor to obtain the weapon, they were completely ignored.

Therefore, what caused Yang Qiongs change of temper

He had unexpectedly spoken nicely to Shen Yifeng, a junior

The only reason Shen Yanxiao could think of was Shen Yifengs teacher.

In the past when Shen Yifeng studied in Saint Laurent Academy, he did not have a teacher.

But merely half a year had passed and not only did a teacher suddenly appear out of nowhere, but his strength had also greatly improved.

It was hard for her not to be curious about that teacher of his.

As she observed Yang Qiongs attitude, Shen Yanxiao suspected that he should know who Shen Yifengs teacher was and it was to the extent he somewhat feared him

Someone that even the Family Head of the five great aristocratic families feared…

Shen Yanxiao found it unimaginable.

“Dont tell me his teacher is that expert who has gone through second class promotion” Shen Yanxiao softly murmured.

Shen Yifengs drastic changes might be related to that teacher of his.

No ordinary teacher could allow an Intermediate Swordsmans advanced to a Great Swordsman in half a years time.

A second class expert had a great understanding of their own profession and if they were to give one or two pointers, the beneficiary would definitely have some improvements.

However, their improvements should not be as ridiculous as Shen Yifengs!

Shen Yanxiaos mind was filled with questions and she was extremely curious about Shen Yifengs change along with his teachers identity.

In the face of Yang Qiongs roundabout refusal, Shen Yifeng said with a fake smile, “Its up to my teachers discretion whether the weapon is useful or not.

Naturally, he has his reasons if he wants it and as a student, I will not pry much.

I only came to convey his words so it is up to Elder Yang Qiong if you are willing to part with it.”

Even though Shen Yifengs words seemed polite on the surface, it had carried some sorts of threat within.

Yang Qiongs expression was very ugly.

If not on the account of that teacher behind him, how could a junior like him dare to be unbridled in front of him

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