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Chapter 731: Hundred Year Spirit Weapon (3)

“Elder Yang, dont worry.

My teacher mentioned that as long as you are willing, he will definitely pay you enough for you to feel that you arent suffering any losses.” Shen Yifeng revealed a strange smile.

His handsome face gave off a creepy feeling and his facial muscle seemed to be twitching.

Yang Qiongs expression was ugly to the extreme.

Even though hundreds of million was quite a decent sum of money, when had their Hundred Year Spirit Weapon not fetched such an amount or greater even

Dozens of millions of gold coins were considered almost insulting to pay for such an item.

Usually, rare treasures of the world were used to exchange for it.

The price tag of a Hundred Year Spirit Weapon was immeasurable, so how could it possibly be something a few million gold coins could fetch

And yet, Shen Yifeng had the cheek to claim that Yang Qiong would not suffer a loss That was simply preposterous.

Millions of gold coins couldnt even buy you one-tenth of a Hundred Year Spirit Weapon!

Only someone at Shen Yifengs level of shamelessness could say that mind-numbing claim with a straight face, while also showing an expression as if his offer wasfair.

Looking at this bold chump who had not grown out his hair yet, Yang Qiong was angry and vexed at the same time.

Shen Yifengs words were basically slapping him in his face.

How could their Azure Dragon Family possibly lower themselves to accept such an offer Their family was not in need of those gold coins.

“Please refrain from such jokes.

The Azure Dragon Familys Hundred Year Spirit Weapon has always been auctioned off at an Auction House and will continue to be so.

If your teacher is interested, I will send him an invitation to the auction before the start of the auction.” Even Buddha had his bottom line, so how could Yang Qiong allow a junior like Shen Yifeng to continue his disrespectful rant

“Rules are set by people, and since the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon belongs to the Azure Dragon Family, and Elder Yang Qiong is the Family Head, isnt the final say up to you Why the need to evade the topic Could it be that Elder Yang Qiong does not wish to give my teacher face” Shen Yifeng abruptly brought up his teacher, and Yang Qiongs expression immediately turned pale.

Just as Yang Qiong wanted to speak up, a middle-aged man standing by his side immediately replied, “Junior Yifeng must be joking, how could we possibly expect you to pay millions for the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon It is just that the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon has yet to be completed, as an appropriate magical core had yet to be inlaid.

How about this — why dont we deliver it to your teacher after it is completed As for the money, it is a small matter, just regard it as our family giving your teacher a gift.”

The man who spoke up was Yang Xis father, Yang Kai, Yang Qiongs third son.

Shen Yifeng chuckled silently as he looked at Yang Kai and said, “Since uncle is being so kind, it will be impolite for a junior like me to refuse your kind intentions.

I shall inform my teacher of this immediately after my return.

Again, Id like to thank uncle and Elder Yangs kindness.”

All of a sudden, he had managed to save millions of gold coins.

What was more aggravating was that Shen Yifeng did not even bother to put up a polite act as he responded.

Looking at his act, Shen Yanxiao was honestly speechless.

Yang Xis personality was somewhat similar to Yang Qiong, but was completely different to his father.

That Yang Kai was so nice to the extent that he had directly given away their Hundred Year Spirit Weapon for free

Exactly who was Shen Yifengs teacher that even Yang Qiong and Yang Kai feared him as such For him, they did not hesitate to break their rules to give the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon(for free!).

“Youre welcome.

Also, tell your teacher we said hello.” Yang Kai spoke with a smile, looking extremely polite.

With the purpose of his trip accomplished, Shen Yifeng no longer continued his perfunctory act.

He emotionlessly gave his thanks before leaving together with his guards right under the nose of Yang Qiong and Yang Kai.

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