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Chapter 732: Crisis Of The Five Families (1)

After the show was over, Shen Yanxiao immediately concealed herself and left the main hall to chase after Shen Yifeng.

After her departure, only Yang Qiong and Yang Kai remained in the hall.

Yang Qiongs complexion turned blue.

He, who had been filled with pride and self-respect for his entire life, smashed the wooden table into pieces while radiating flames of raging fury from his eyes.

“Ridiculous! This is ridiculous! Has my Azure Dragon Family fallen to such a level where I have to concede an insignificant brat while he parades around my territory! This is simply preposterous! How am I to face the ancestors of the Azure Dragon Family in the Heavens!” Yang Qiong was filled with sadness.

Even until the end, he was incapable of letting go of the beliefs he held and if not for Yang Kai, this stubborn old man would have already had a falling out with Shen Yifeng.

The smile on Yang Kais face disappeared and was instead replaced by an expression of helplessness and bitterness.

He looked at his fathers solemn expression and said, “Father, the current situation is beyond our control, and youve already seen the situation with the Vermilion Bird Family.

We cannot afford to offend them at this current moment.

If we were to fall out with them right now, Im afraid the next disaster will befall our Azure Dragon Family.”

Yang Qiong sighed deeply as his face filled with sorrow.

“Ha, what dog sh*t five great aristocratic families are we In the end, we still have to bow down to someone else.

That two bastards of the Vermilion Bird Family must be sick of living to have asked a tiger for its skin.

They are merely insignificant beings under that man, and they must be crazy to even bring him into the Vermilion Bird Family.

In my opinion, their family would end up just being a mere nominal existence and become puppets of that side!”

“Everything is temporary.

Shen Duan is ruthless and reckless, and soon he will naturally have his retribution.

But, we cannot attract the fire to ourselves.” Yang Kai persuaded.

Yang Qiong sighed and shook his head.

“If not for the delayed awakening of our guardian beasts for the past several years, how could the influence of our five aristocratic families be suppressed to this extent How could we possibly tolerate such blatant disrespectful and oppression from them Indeed a man who loses his position and influence is subjected to much indignity! Its so frustrating!”

Back then, the five great aristocratic families were so powerful that practically no one in the Brilliance Continent could contend against them.

However, as their guardian beasts had fallen into an inexplicable slumber, the power of the families had also declined considerably.

Right now, they could only merely display their might and toot their horns in the Longxuan Empire.

“Everything will soon turn for the better.

Now that the mythical beasts have awakened, and Ah Xi has also signed the contract with the Azure Dragon, our situation will slowly improve.

Right now, we have to keep a low profile and avoid a conflict with them.

We no longer have to fear them once our strength improves.” Yang Kai was sad to see his fathers despair, and he felt uncomfortable deep down by his cowardice.

His actions earlier on was merely because they have no option but to agree.

The five great aristocratic families seemed to be unrivaled on the outside but in fact, only their reputation was keeping them afloat.

Only the successive Family Heads could understand the various hardships they had gone through, from being a powerful existence in the Brilliance Continent to ending up needing to huddle up in the Longxuan Empire like a coward.

“Get better The Vermilion Bird Family is already in a precarious situation and since they dared to attack them, it means that they already have their plans.

Im afraid it would not take long for the other four families to turn into the next Vermilion Bird Family.

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