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Chapter 734: IQ Suppression (1)

“Whos there! Its cowardly to kill in the shadows!” Although he was acting brave, Shen Yifeng truly felt a chill going up his spine.

He did not detect any presence, and yet his two guards had already died.

For someone to accomplish such a feat, the ambusher must be stronger than him, a Great Swordsman, by a significant margin, which would only be experts who had gone through their second class promotion.

Even if Shen Yifeng now had his current newfound strength, he still did not have confidence to fight against an expert of that level.

All of a sudden, a small figure appeared in the alleyway in front of him.

At the sight, Shen Yifeng narrowed his eyes as he stared at the little brat who looked no more than fourteen years old.

Glancing past the little brats figure, his gaze fell onto the black bow in her hand.

Its a little kid

He did not expect the ambusher to be a child younger than him.

He had guessed that even if the ambusher had not gone through her second class promotion, she was still definitely stronger than him.

However, when a little brat whose height did not even reach his chest appeared in front of him, he was shocked rooted on the spot.

“Youre the one who killed my men” Shen Yifeng strangely looked at Shen Yanxiao who stood some distance away.

With the arrows in his guards chest and the bow in the brats hands, everything was obvious at a glance.

But even then, he still could not figure out why he had not managed to detect that brats presence.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Yifeng with a sneer on her face.

“So what if I am”

“Little brat, who are you Do you know of my identity” Shen Yifeng did not dare to be rash.

He could clearly see the brat in front of him, and yet his perception failed to capture her aura.

If he had not personally seen her standing before him, he would not have discovered her existence entirely.

“Yeah I know.” Shen Yanxiao sneered and said, “The young master of the Vermilion Bird Family, Shen Duans son.”

Shen Yifeng frowned.

The opponent knew of his identity, and yet she still attacked.

It was evident that she specifically came for him.

But he completely had no clue as to when he had attracted the ire of the strange little brat.

The brat was capable of avoiding the perception of a Great Swordsman.

And if he really had seen her before, he would certainly have an impression of her, but he really had no clue as to who was ambushing him.

Even though he was extremely angry at the ambush, he was no fool.

The opponent had stayed undetected while standing in front of him, proving that her ability was far above his.

Therefore, it would not be wise if he were to retaliate.

“I wonder if I can get the name of this senior My teacher is Ruan Yingzhe of the Broken Star Palace.

Could there be a misunderstanding here” Shen Yifeng subconsciously regarded the brat as a second class expert, as they were the only ones who could avoid his detection.

Even though he was surprised by Shen Yanxiaos youthful appearance, he had heard from Ruan Yingzhe that not only were experts who had gone through second class promotion powerful, they could also maintain a young appearance with their newly obtained power; it was to the extent they could regress to their teenage appearance.

Perhaps the appearance of this expert before him was what she looked like after the regression of her appearance.

No doubt that the Moonlight Necklace Shen Yanxiao possessed had caused huge misunderstanding.

Shen Yanxiao was merely at an advanced level in three different professions.

In comparison, she was weaker than him by a notch.

However, with the Moonlight Necklace concealing her aura, it had caused Shen Yifeng to make a misjudgement to regard her as an opponent he could not afford to offend.

Even when his two guards were killed before him, he did not dare to get angry.

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