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Chapter 735: IQ Suppression (2)

Shen Yanxiao quirked her brow.

Broken Star Palace How come she had never heard of such an organization before But judging by Shen Yifengs attitude, she could infer that his so-called teacher and that Broken Star Palace must be a big deal.

On another note, she was relishing over the way Shen Yifeng had addressed her.

He was someone who thought highly of himself while also being a complete hypocrite.

In the face of the weak, he would humiliate and harass them without any hesitation.

But facing the strong, he would bear with the humiliation and bow his head to them.

From Shen Yifengs respectful attitude, she understood that the idiot regarded her as some sort of an expert.

That misjudgement was probably due to the Moonlight Necklace, and as someone who had concealed her aura, she would seem like a powerful expert in Shen Yifengs point of view.

Therefore, he chose to swallow his anger and did not hesitate to use his teachers name.


Shen Yanxiao sneered in her heart.

Shen Yifengs courage was basically that of a rat.

Just moments ago, she saw him throwing airs in the estate of the Azure Dragon Family and now, he adopted a humble appearance just because of the possibility that she was some wizened expert.

It was honestly shameful.


Since that idiot had made the assumptions, there was no need for her to clear up the misunderstanding.

Shen Yanxiao maliciously looked at Shen Yifeng and posed as an expert.

“So youre Ruan Yingzhes student.

I didnt know you had gone under him.”

When the other party had recognized his teacher and seemed to be familiar with his teacher based on his speech, Shen Yifeng secretly praised himself for his witty response.

This person in front of him was indeed an expert as expected!

This person in of term knew of his teacher, and he did not show the slightest hint of fear.

From the looks of it, the background of this expert in front of him was not to be belittled.

Fortunately, he had not acted rashly moments ago.

If he were to offend the other party, he would not be able to stand the rage of a second class expert.

If Shen Yifeng were to know that the so-called expert standing before him was in fact, Shen Yanxiao, whom he hated with all his guts, what would he think

As for Shen Yanxiaos calmness, it was entirely because she did not know what kind of organization it was.

She had not even heard of it, so what was there to be afraid of

“This junior had been fortunate enough to come under my teacher half a year ago, and there are not many who know about it.

Its normal for senior to be unaware.” Shen Yifeng bowed deeply, giving off an appearance of extreme respect.

“I see.

I wonder where your teacher is right now, I am looking for him.” Shen Yanxiao secretly laughed at Shen Yifengs stupidity.

She decided to exploit his lack of mental prowess to get more information out of him.

His increase in strength was definitely related to his teacher, and that second class expert Xiu spoke of was very likely to be his teacher, Ruan Yingzhe.

Shen Yifeng replied.

“Teacher is currently in my house as a guest.

Why dont I lead the way for senior”

“There is no hurry.” Shen Yanxiao revealed a profound expression, but in fact, her mind was going through several thoughts.

As expected, the expert in the Vermilion Bird Family estate was Shen Yifengs teacher.

But what was with the Broken Star Palace

Although Shen Yanxiao was full of doubts, she still sneered as she looked at the servile Shen Yifeng.

The so-called pride and arrogance of being a member of an aristocratic family turned into nothing in the face of power.

Shen Yifengs true nature was so pathetic, and to think that he was a member of the great Vermilion Bird Family in the past His lack of dignity was honestly a disgrace to his heritage.

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