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Chapter 736: IQ Suppression (3)

“I understand.

However, this junior still has some doubts as to why senior had suddenly attacked me.

Could there be some sort of misunderstanding” Even though the other party knew his teacher, he was rather surprised that he had offended such an expert.

If that expert had not known of his teacher, he would probably meet his end here today.

Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at him and sneered.

“Its not up to a junior like you to question me.

Even if I were to say the reason, it would be to your teacher – you are not qualified.”

Shen Yifeng paled and trembled as he immediately tried to save his puny life.

“This junior here has made a grave mistake, please forgive me.”

In the face of a second class expert, those who had yet to reach that level were mere ants.

Therefore, Shen Yifeng was more or less fearful of the expert before him.

Shen Yanxiao secretly laughed.

When she saw him being as obedient as a whipped husband, she felt refreshed.

So what if youre a Great Swordsman You cant do anything with that low IQ of yours.

A Great Swordsman had been scolded by someone of advanced profession like a dog, and yet he did not even dare to refute.

“Hmph.” Shen Yanxiao snorted and Shen Yifeng immediately shuddered.

His appearance was just like a quail in shock.

If he were to know that the other party was merely at advanced profession level, he would probably puke blood.

With Shen Yifengs abilities in three different professions, it was not impossible to fight on par with the current Shen Yifeng.

However, to do that, it would take a lot of effort for her to eek out a win.

But that idiot had immediately cowered when he saw her, and not to mention fighting, he did not even dare to speak loudly.

At this, she could only say that the Moonlight Necklace was too overpowered.

There were very few artifacts of such caliber in the Longxuan Empire and naturally, Shen Yifeng would not know of its existence.

“On the account of your teacher, Ill spare you today.

But there are still some matters I have to remind you, lest you offend someone you shouldnt in the future.

Its not every instance where you can throw out your teachers name and get away alive.” A so-called expert was someone who was supercilious, and Shen Yanxiao had perfectly enacted the temperament of a real expert.

Shen Yifeng obediently nodded and looked at Shen Yanxiao with an expression of gratitude.

“Come here.” Shen Yanxiao waved her hands and an evil glint streaked across her eyes.

He would never expect a second class expert to make an underhanded move against an insignificant Great Swordsman like him and therefore, he walked over without any hesitation.

Even until he had arrived next to Shen Yanxiaos side, he did not realize what a terrible mistake he had made.

A Great Swordsman standing beside an Advanced Warlock was similar to a lamb lying on a chopping board.

An evil smile curled on her lips, and before Shen Yifeng could react, her hands swiftly completed hand signs.

Just as he raised his head in doubt, a powerful impact smacked his head.

The next second, he stood rooted on the spot and his sluggish gaze looked afar.

“Idiot.” Shen Yanxiao then kept Clemance into her spatial ring.

Even though Shen Yifeng was a Great Swordsman, he was trained in battle aura and not mental energy.

Moreover, he was in the range of her curses and as a result, Shen Yanxiao managed to cast a combination curse on him without any difficulty.

When she looked at Shen Yifeng who was now controlled by her curse, she touched her chin and gave him a command before turning to leave together.

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