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Chapter 742: Master Archer (3)

Ruan Yingzhe frowned.

There were merely a few second class experts in the Longxuan Empire, and none of them were Archers.

Therefore, the only possibility was that the attacker was not from the Longxuan Empire.

“With the exception of those from the Broken Star Palace, there are only three Archers who have gone through second class promotion within the Brilliance Continent.

They are Gu Qingming from Silver Hands, Duan Wuya from Seventh Kingdom and Nan Guanlie from the God Wind Alliance.

Duan Wuya and Nan Guanlie are located far away, and they would rarely leave their countries.

The only person that could possibly appear in the Longxuan Empire would be Gu Qingming.” Ruan Yingzhe was extremely familiar with the experts in Brilliance Continent.

Majority of second class experts belong to the Broken Star Palace and as for the remaining ones, there were records of them in the Broken Star Palace.

When he heard Ruan Yingzhes analysis, Shen Duan suddenly recalled the strange incident that happened half a year ago.

“Senior Ruan, more than half a year ago, a thief had visited several aristocrats in the capital of the Longxuan Empire, the Vermilion Bird Family being one of them.

At that time, our estate was heavily guarded, and yet no one had discovered the thief.

Initially, we suspected it to be the work of Silver Hands, but after hearing Senior Ruans analysis, could it be that… it was really the work of Gu Qingming from Silver Hands” Shen Duan remembered the unscrupulous thief who had incurred the hatred of many, and coupled with Senior Ruans analysis, the culprit who attacked Shen Yifeng was more or less confirmed.

Ruan Yingzhe nodded.

“It is very likely.

Silver Hands has always been a mysterious organization, even the Broken Star Palace had yet to pinpoint their accurate position.

They would often attack aristocrats in various countries and their thieving skills are top notch.

If what you say is true, then Gu Qingming would be the one who had attacked Shen Yifeng.

As they came to that conclusion, Shen Yanxiao was unaware that her unintentional thieving act half a year ago had caused such a huge misunderstanding.

To think there were such coincidences in this world, and that Gu Qingming had unknowingly bore the brunt of Shen Yanxiaos crimes.

He did not even know of Shen Yifengs appearance, and yet he had been concluded to be the culprit who attacked Shen Yifeng by Shen Duan and Ruan Yingzhe

If Gu Qingming was present, he would probably stomp his feet in anger.

“Senior Ruan, how do you intend to deal with this” When Shen Duan learned that it was Gu Qingming who had attacked his son, anger brewed in his heart.

You had stolen from my Vermilion Bird Family and right now, you even came to attack one of my own.

Was there a thief as arrogant as you!

Ruan Yingzhe said, “Other than the abilities of their own profession, practically every member of the Silver Hands is capable of disappearing without a trace.

Gu Qingming is the third leader of Silver Hands, and he has never been caught.

If he has the intent to escape, Im afraid I cant find his whereabouts for the time being.

The problem now is, how did Shen Yifeng offend Gu Qingming for him to injure him as such.”

Ruan Yingzhe could easily crush ordinary people with a move of his fingers but if the opponent was a second class expert, his advantage would be minimal.

The den of thieves, Silver Hands, had been able to run wild in the Brilliance Continent for hundreds of years and naturally, they were a powerful organization of their own.

Even though Ruan Yingzhe did not fear them, it was a rather huge headache to be targeted by those thieves that appeared and disappeared without a trace.

“I have no idea.” Shen Yifeng answered in all honesty.

He did not know how he had provoked the ire of Gu Qingming.

“Forget it, recuperate here for the time being.

Id like to see if he dares to cause you trouble with me here in the Vermilion Bird estate.” Ruan Yingzhe snorted.

If not for his mission on hand, he would definitely hunt down that thief who dared to harm his student!

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