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Chapter 743: Family (1)

Just as Ruan Yingzhe and Shen Duan were busy dealing with Shen Yifengs injuries, a petite silhouette scuttled into the estate of the Vermilion Bird Family unnoticed.

She carefully avoided the patrolling guards and went towards the underground cellar.

There were four bodyguards standing guard by the entrance.

A sneer curled on her lips and her petite figure dashed towards them like a ghost.

The four bodyguards only saw a black silhouette flashing past them before they were suddenly all rooted on the spot.

Shen Yanxiao stood among them and disdainfully looked at these bodyguards who had been controlled by her curse.

With a snap of her finger, all of them acted as if they had not noticed her presence and continued to stand in their posts, allowing Shen Yanxiao to openly enter the cellar right in their faces.

The air in the dark, humid cellar had a rotten smell to it.

Wrinkling her nose, Shen Yanxiao walked past the long flight of stairs before she gradually arrived underground.

The surrounding air was so moist to the extent she felt a cooling sensation in the air hitting her skin.

She furrowed her brows.

The conditions here were so bad that even a healthy man could not live here, not to mention the already severely injured Shen Feng

Looking at this environment, Shen Yanxiaos heart could not help but sink..

As she continued to proceed forward, she finally saw a faint glimmer of light in the darkness.

She then quickened her pace and went towards the light.

When the scene came into view, a bomb exploded in her mind and her thin body could not help but stagger.

Within a cell that was less than twenty square meters wide, eight haggard man leaned against the walls

The haggered Shen Ling no longer possessed the heroic spirit he had in the past and his face was pale as sheets.

He knelt on the moist floor and his hands were firmly stuck onto the chest of the man lying on the ground.

Right now, he was currently trying his best to transfer his battle aura to that man.

And as for the man lying on the ground with breaths as thin as a thread, it was Shen Feng who Shen Yanxiao had been worried about all this time.

If it were not for his familiar aura, Shen Yanxiao wouldnt even recognize him.

That old man who was once mighty was now paralyzed on the chilly floor with dirty straw cushioned beneath him.

His filthy clothes were covered with dried up brown stains, and even though Shen Feng was getting on in his years, he had been rather healthy.

However, the current Shen Feng had a head full of white hair — his familiar appearance seemed to have aged ten years in half a years time.

Shen Yanxiao felt her heart clenching tightly.

Shen Ling who was trying to preserve Shen Fengs last breath heard light footsteps coming towards them, but there was no change in his expression and he did not even raise his head.

He merely used a hoarse voice and said, “You beasts will receive your retribution sooner or later.

Even if Im dead, I will turn into a ghost and haunt you for you all for an eternity.”

Shen Yanxiao blanked out for a moment and her eyes reddened.

Shen Ling had always been a reticent man, and yet he had spoken such a malicious curse.

It could be seen how heartless her uncles, Shen Duan and Shen Yue, were to them.

“Fifth Uncle… its me.”

Shen Lings haggered figure suddenly stiffened and he raised his head in surprise.

When he slowly turned his head, he saw Shen Yanxiaos face with the aid of the faint light.


Xiaoxiao… why did you come back” Never in his wildest dreams did Shen Ling expect himself to see Shen Yanxiao ever again in his life.

“Leave! The Vermillion Bird Family is doomed! Run away as far as you can, and dont ever come back!” Shen Ling had practically used all his strength to shout those words.

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