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Chapter 745: Family (3)

“In fact, we did not know of the existence of the Broken Star Palace before their rebellion.

Your grandfather had just informed us of them right after we were locked up in here.

He told us that the Broken Star Palace is an organization that had existed long before the four countries of Brilliance Continent were founded.

Their territory was far away from the public eye, and only the Emperor and the five Family Heads knew of their existence in the Longuxan Empire.

They only have a single objective, and that is to recruit all the experts throughout the continent, but there was a criterion for joining them.

That criterion was to be a second class expert, and as long as someone broke though, representatives from the Broken Star Palace would come into contact with them and offer them an invitation.”

“Everything about the Broken Star Palace is a mystery to outsiders, and your grandfather only had heard of them from his elders.

Before the Longxuan Empire was built, the masters of the five mythical beasts had some dealings with them but as time went by, the Broken Star Palace completely disappeared from the world.

If not for Ruan Yingzhes appearance, your grandfather would not have believed the organization still existed.”

“A second class expert.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Second class experts were scarce in the entire Brilliance Continent, and thus they were treated like hot commodities, and yet the Broken Star Palace was able to gather all these experts together under a single roof.

How terrifying of an influence did they possess

Shen Lings knowledge of the palace was all from Shen Feng.

However, his injuries were too severe to answer her questions now.

But if she wanted to know the secrets of the Broken Star Palace, she could only wait for Shen Feng to recover more.

When she heard Shen Fengs faint breaths, she felt as if her heart was sliced into a thousand pieces by knives.

Without hesitation, she immediately took out several bottles of potions concocted by a Great Herbalist; these were all potions Ye Qing had handed to her before she left.

“Fifth Uncle, please support grandfather up so I can feed him these potions.” One of her hands was still pressed on Shen Fengs chest as she poured in her battle aura.

She did not dare to move at this point, as Shen Feng was about to run out of oil per say.

In order to survive until now, Shen Ling had practically depleted all his battle aura.

“Your grandfathers injuries are too severe, Im afraid these potions…” Shen Lings eyes dimmed.

“These are potions concocted by Great Master Ye Qing.

Even though they can not ensure a complete recovery, they can at least save his life.”

“Ye Qing!” Shen Ling looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise.

Ye Qings name was rather famous in the Brilliance Continent.

Shen Ling thought that she was merely a Warlock and that learning herbalism was a facade.

However, he did not expect her to obtain potions concocted by Ye Qing.

Potions produced by Ye Qing often cost millions in the market.

Moreover, there would only be several bottles produced in a single year.

But right now, Shen Yanxiao had taken out dozens of bottles in one go; it was simply unbelievable.

“Ye Qing is my herbalism teacher.” Shen Yanxiao did not have time to explain much.

After Shen Ling lifted Shen Feng up, she immediately poured the potions into his mouth and used her battle aura to ease the chaotic battle aura inside Shen Feng.

Only then, did his condition gradually stabilize.

Dozens of Great Herbalist level potions went down his stomach, and Shen Fengs breaths immediately stabilized considerably.

With that quantity of Great Herbalist level potions expended, Shen Feng could be saved as long as he still had a single breath left.

And that was the prowess of a bucketload of Great Herbalists potions!

Shen Ling was surprised to see Shen Fengs complexion gradually recovering.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao in astonishment.

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